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Hello, their ladies of the ton! Are you bored at home during quarantine with nothing productive to do? If you are, we might have something to cheer you up! There is nothing better than cooking and spending time with your family when you have nothing else to do.


Now, thankfully, the only thing exempt from this quarantine are the grocery stores. So, this is the moment, you might want to stock up on some necessary items, as today’s blog is all about the bread board.


The bread board is a multi-purpose item that is popularly used for chopping or slicing food items. However, as per the millennial trend, this bread board is also used as a platter for serving some quintessential fancy meals.


So, today, we are going to countdown some bread board serving ideas for wives. These inlcude the type of dishes you can make with your bread board!

Bread board serving ideas for wives


Are you Ready?


Let’s Begin:



    1. Turkey Cranberry Brie Sandwich


If you wish to cook something easy and simple, yet utterly delicious, then it is best that you go for the Turkey Cranberry Brie Sandwich. This one is a real winner, as it looks and tastes extremely good. 


What's more? To get this recipe done, you just need some brie cheese and cranberry sauce. To begin, use a large baguette and stuff it with cooked chicken or turkey meat along with some cranberry sauce. 


Once done, you can check out some instructions online and bake this dish to get a crunchy and soft feel. Now, once it is baked to perfection, carefully slice the baguette and place it diagonally on the cheese board. 


Add some cranberry sauce on the sides and serve warm. Now, you can also keep this meal against a beautiful backdrop at home and snap some images for your social media. This will make the dish look fancy and authentic. As a result, you can now advertise both the dish along with your fancy cheese/ bread board in the most unique way.



    1. Apple and Cheddar Stuffed Pork Chops  


Most fancy occasions like Easter, Christmas and thanksgiving have dishes like pork chops involved. Well, now you can cook these succulent, delicious and delectable dish at home too. All you need to make this dish is some apples, breadcrumbs, cheddar cheese, pork chops (cooked), raisins, and apple juice.


The flavour and texture of this is sweet and savoury and is quite delectable; to make this unique dish, you need to take some cooked pork chop and peel these open. Now, mix the cheese and apple filling inside the pork chops and bake this in the oven. You can check out some quintessential pork chop recipes online for more insight. 


Now, once the pork chop is baked, you will find your nostrils filled with the subtle sweet smell of the pork chops, which are very delicious to eat. Serve these warm on your bread board and click some images of your creation. Now, post these on your social media feed for maximum exposure.


You can also add some quintessential dips like cheese and maple syrup dips to give some extra edge to your pork chop recipe.



    • Creamy White Sauce on a Bowl


The white sauce creamy pasta is one go to dish that no can get enough of. this one is very easily customizable and simple to make. What's more? Everyone, regardless of their age, loves this all-time favourite recipe.


To make this white sauce pasta, all you need to do is boil some pasta in a pan. Once done, add some carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms in a frying pan and stir fry it for a few minutes. After that, in the same pan, add a tablespoon of butter and 2 tablespoons of flour and mix consistently. While doing it, add milk and cheese and stir fry till it gets creamy.


Once the white sauce is formed, add some veggies and pasta in the bowl and stir once more. Now, when the dish looks ready, take it off the pan and put it in a serving bowl. Next, keep this bowl on the bread board and serve with some fresh herbs.


This will make the presentation look stylish and you can also enjoy the dish without the fear of spillage. On that note, ensure to use a good quality bread board for this purpose. We recommend you pick the wooden teak bread board for this purpose. It is study and stylish and can make any dish look glamorous. You can find this type of bread board online, from reputed websites like Ellementry.



    • Fried Waffle Chicken Sandwich


Another good one from the world of platters is the fried waffle chicken sandwich. This is ideal for those who do not mind getting their getting their hands dirty with some cooking. This one features soft delectable chicken bits filled with succulent creamy cheese on the inside.


The best part this packs a spicy, creamy and buttery undertone, and therefore, is a true winner owing to its cheesy texture and creamy encrusted borders. Additionally, if you know the art of presentation, this one features an artsy look that it is most suited for winning the hearts of social media food bloggers.


Now, to make this savoury dish, you need chicken nuggets, frozen waffles, cheese, bread and some other herbs and spices. To know more about the requirements on this one, check the recipe online once. The basic procedure involves, mixing the ingredients together and baking it inside a microwave.


Once complete, you can slice this waffle into little bite-sized pieces and present it artfully in your bread/cheese board. Moreover, for the presentation, you can opt for using a teak wood or a  mango wooden breadboard as its style and texture will perfectly compliment this dish.


What's more? The mango wooden or teak wooden bread board is perfect for food photography too. Therefore, you can easily arrange this dish in your cheese board and click some great images for your social media feed. 



    • Cheese Meat Platter 


No one can ever go wrong with a classic meat and cheese board. All you need to do is pick out the right kind of pairing to meet the platter. For some ideal flavour and texture, add an assortment of cheese, meat and fruits like olives and grapes.


You can also add some seasonal nuts and items like almonds, pistachio, nuts, and dates. This will make the platter look delectable and colourful. Additional pro tip: You can also add some homemade crackers for extra texture and style


On that note, ensure to have the right kind of cheese board to bring these serving ideas to life. You can check out some fancy cheese boards from various online stores. However, for good quality, we recommend you check Ellementry.



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