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Planning a makeover for the cabinets of your house or need cabinets hardware for your new home? We are here to help you with our cabinet hardware buying guide. It will guide you completely for the right hinges, knobs, and pulls for your cabinets. You can check out stylish cabinet hardware items on Ellementry.

Choosing the right cabinet hardware: Choosing the right cabinet hardware is the first important step to your cabinet hardware buying. If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen, living room or bathroom, replacing your cabinet hardware is the most affordable way to do so in budget and less amount of time. You will be amazed to see how a small thing can make a difference in your overall home decor.  There is a wide variety of cabinet hardware with stylish designs and shapes. For example, knobs. 

Knobs: knobs are basically handled that are mounted to the exterior of the cabinet doors. It is the first thing that you touch when you open a door. In order to make a splendid first expression, choose a perfect knob for your doors or cabinets. You can find them in different shapes such as round, square, octangular, rectangle, mushroom, novelty, etc. Knobs are of two types. Some have an inbuilt screw and are easy to install and some don’t have. They need separate screws. 

Knobs indeed look beautiful. For best and designer knobs visit our Ellementry website. A green oval metal knob will look beautiful on your white cabinets or doors. Imagine it. If you are amongst those who take their storage aesthetics seriously, these metallic knobs are perfect for you. They not only look pretty but are quite easy to clean. All you need is a little warm water, mild soap, and a soft sponge. You can also wipe them clean with a damp cloth. 

Pulls: Pulls are just like knobs but they demand more space as compared to knobs and they do impact more due to their size and the space they cover on a cabinet. Pulls are also available in different designs and styles. Such as arched, ring, bail, rectangular, novelty, bar, cup, etc. In the case of pulls, screw length can vary upon installation depending upon the width of the cabinet drawer. You need to measure properly so that you can get the correct fit. 

Choosing the perfect Styles: Style is one of the important characteristics as these days home decor is based on styles you choose. For example, if you have chosen a traditional style for your overall home decor, then you may also want your cabinet hardware to be traditional. In this cabinet hardware guide, we will guide you about the different styles one can choose to fit well in the overall home decor.  


  • Traditional: For the classic look, you can go for the traditional hardware style. This kind of style is detailed in nature and has more embellishments. Natural round wood knobs can give a traditional look to your cabinets. They are handy as well as appealing. You can use it for various drawers too. They amalgamate well with wooden furniture as well as the wooden cabinet doors. 


  • Contemporary: Contemporary style has a minimalistic look and clean lines. Stainless steel is most common when it comes to a contemporary look. 


  • Transitional: It creates a personalized look with a mix of elements from both traditional and modern cabinet hardware.


  • Eclectic: It gives an informal and fun look. 

Choosing the Perfect Finish: After finalizing shape and style, you are ready to finalize the finish. Look out for the finishing of other pieces and furniture in the house. The most common finishes can be gold, brass, nickel, bronze, stainless steel, chrome, etc. It depends on your style that which finish will look good. For example, for a traditional style, brushed finishes, polished brass may look good. 

Hinges: Hinges are the accessories that attach the cabinet door to the frame. Always choose hinges depending upon the height and width of your cabinet door. For example, two hinges are recommended for door less than 40 inches high and less than 11 pounds. Similarly, three hinges for doors 40 to 60 inches high and 13 to 20 pounds and four hinges for doors 60 to 80 inches high and 29 to 33 pounds.  

There are two types of hinge installation: concealed hinges and decorative hinges. Concealed ones are best used for inset doors. Decorative ones are simply fastened with screws. 

There are some features to keep in mind when selecting hinges. Such as adjustable hinges allow for different overlay closure. Self-closing hinges include a spring that pulls the door closed when the door is close to the cabinet and this ensures that cabinet door remains closed. 

There are various types of hinges such as European or frameless hinges. It offers ease of installation and can support heavier doors. Another type is face-frame hinges. They have a large surface area that improves stability on flush, inset or overlay doors.  There are butterfly hinges too which are used on flush doors. 

Drawer sliders: Check the slide length and drawer length before you buy a slider for your drawer. They are available in light, medium and heavy designations depending upon the weight of your drawer. Also, note that side-mount hardware is more durable than a monorail or center- bottom- mount slide. There are various types of drawer slides. Such as European slides which are self-closing and side mount drawer slides. They have a stop to prevent drawers from sliding out completely. Another type is the mini ball bearing which may require a 1/4th inch mortise in the drawer side for installation. Then there are full-extension, self-closing drawer slides that use the maximum length of the drawer. Basic side mount drawer slides are another type. It uses surface installation on face frame cabinets. 

This was a guide for you to buy hardware items for your furniture. Visit Ellementry today to check out some of the most stylish hardware items.

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