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When it comes to global cuisines, most people are sceptical about mixing two or different cuisines. But, in reality, the fact it mixing dishes isn’t such a big deal. Many times, you visit social events like weddings and other occasions there are countless cuisines juxtaposed together to create a huge buffet.

There people from different classes, sectors and cultures, all mix various cuisines and enjoy one big hearty meal.

So, suppose you have a fancy event coming up, and you are wondering whether it is a good idea to mix Asian with Italian. We vote that you should!

Even if guests are coming over, or you are simply preparing a combination meal for your family, you should opt for mixing Italian with Asian. The reason being, while both these combinations are one of a kind their amalgamation results in a whirlwind of flavours and textures that erupt in the mouth and hence, side by side, these two cuisines are total winners.

On that note, let’s quickly check out the reasons to combine Asian and Italian.

  1. Distinctive Flavors

    Asian cuisines are mainly a combination of spices and fiery sauces, which feature loads of tangy, saucy and mouth-watering elements that simply leave the senses afire. Some of the popular Asian cuisines include hot fiery noodles, hot curries, rice and lentils along with some pan-fried items. These cuisines are for those who like to indulge in the cacophony of spices that Asia is so famous for. For instance, take the Indian cuisines. It focuses on using local spices like cumin, ginger, cardamom, clove, chilli powder, turmeric, black pepper, rock salt and many other spices form the bosom of Ayurveda. These are powerful anti-oxidants and also add the required taste and fragrance to dishes that make Indian cuisine such a coveted dish around the world.

    On that other hand, Chinese cuisines use a plethora of sauces and herbal spices that lend the dish their authentic hot peppery flavours.

    But in comparison to these Asian cuisines, the Italian cuisine features dishes mostly cooked in tomato or cheese gravy. It further, has a hint of aniseed and basil in it with some natural herbs that give this cuisine an international taste. It is not as spicy as the Asian cuisines, but its light flavours and rich textures, are enough to pack quite a punch in the taste buds of people.

    However, if you want to eat these two cuisines side by side, you surely can. After all, the spice quotient of the Asian cuisine will nicely be balanced out by the less spicy more succulent Italian cuisine. For example, you can try chicken butter masala with some arrabbiata pasta. As these are two different types of savouries, these will not overlap, but you can enjoy two completely distinctive flavours in the best way possible.

  2. People Combine them at Events

    Regardless of whichever cultural background you hail from, chances are you have been to many social events like weddings, soirees, social dances and more. Now, one of the key highlights of these social events is their buffets.

    In many buffets, there are tons of different cuisines available, from where people pick their choices of dishes to try. Among the common cuisines available, almost all social events have Italian and Asian cuisines in them.

    So, naturally, if you want to try a dish like cream cheese pasta, with some hot tandoori wings, you can go for it. In fact, many people plate items like pasta, lasagna, rice, noodles and Chinese gravy on their plates.

    Thus, people just enjoy the various textures and flavours of each cuisine in a distinctive way. Similarly, you can easily cook Italian and Asian cuisines side by side for your guests and family too.

  3. These Look Great Side By Side

    A common reason to eat Asian and Italian cuisine side by side is that these look good when plated together. Therefore, you can easily serve some pan-fried items along with some lasagna or Algie Olio and these won’t look bad at all.

    Just ensure to use good quality cutlery or serveware for serving these authentic dishes. You can check out food-safe serveware from Ellementry for this purpose.

    Apart from this, as part of the eating out culture, many people order combination dishes when dining out. So, suppose you go out with a group of friends to eat, each person might order a different cuisine at an eatery. Some might order Mac and cheese, while others can order Thai basil rice. In this way, when the items are served together, they still manage to look fantastic and appealing.

  4. Many Millennial Opt for Fusion Cuisines

    Fusion cuisines are very popular among millennial and with good reason. They are a combination of some of the world’s best authentic cuisines, which juxtapose the best flavors of each cuisine to create unique one of a kind, delectable meals that are real winners.

Now, fusion cuisine mainly falls under experimental cooking, and thus should only be served after a person perfects it. But, perfecting these fusion cooking dishes are not much of a big deal. For example, there are countless Italian and Asian cuisine fusion recipes available on the internet.

For example, let’s check out a recipe –

Pudina Pasta Chutney

The pudina pasta is a good combination of an Italian and Asian recipe. To make this dish you need to boil some pasta in olive oil and set it aside. Next, you need to make the tangy and spicy pudina chutney sauce.

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To make this sauce, you need freshly ground coriander leaves, mint leaves, chillies, tamarind paste, cumin, and mint leaves. Once you have ground this green gravy sauce, mix the pasta in this gravy thoroughly.

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This will help the pasta seep in the flavours and you can enjoy a delectable recipe of pudina pasta in a spicy tangy sauce.

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Just ensure to serve this to your guests in some fancy serve wear. For serving this delectable dish, you can use a mango wood handcrafted bowl. This bowl is simple, elegant yet very stylish. Thus, when this fusion dish is presented in this item, it will undoubtedly touch the hearts of your guests or family. Now, you can get this type of bowl from any reputed online stores that sell house décor items like Ellementry.

On that note, now that you know you can combine Italian and Asian cuisine together, don’t fret and start cooking. You can either have these two combinations with your family or serve it to guests without fear. Happy Dining!

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