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Cheeseboards are one of the stunning bar wares that serve as great party appetizers with their chic design. At ellementry we bring you the goodness of mango wood and teak wood through our contemporary designed cheeseboards. Stuff them with plenty of eatables apart from cheese that would make the cheese board captivating wanting the guests to try every bit of appetizers on it. This can get you enough time to prepare your main meal as the guests super busy in munching the things on the board.

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Cheese Board: Most Impressive Party Organizer

Things to Add to a Cheese Board

You can choose to add different types of cheese to present a spicy platter to the guests. Cut your cheese into different shapes like triangle, square, round, sliced to make the board look appealing to the guests.

Add Some Crackers

To keep your cheeseboard more snacky, add some crackers of good quality and taste to give a finished look. Choose to mix slices of bread like cocktail bread to give a subtle look on the board. These are the must to have accompaniments on the cheese board in any party to embrace the guests.

Add Meats if You Like

Meats make a good combination when added with cheese on a cheeseboard. If you choose to include them then make sure you cut them into slices and, place it in between the cheese and crackers to give a different taste. Salami is the best meat that can be paired with cheese to give an appetizing feast to the guests at your party table.

Keep Some Fresh and Healthy Fruits

Fruits compliment the cheeseboard well along with the cheese they can look more splendid on your board. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, and dry fruits are some tasty servings to be delivered to the guests. Another add-on includes dry fruits, figs, berries, apricots, nuts, and more. Cucumber is a fruit that is usually added along with cheese as they are a cherished combination by many. The fruits when added to the board give a whole new taste that becomes delightful for the guests.

Jams, Sauces, and Honey

Don't miss to spread some jam and sauce fillings over the cheese that gives an enhanced look to your cheeseboard. It would be such a visual treat to your guests and, they wouldn't wait for any more to taste the dishes from the cheeseboard. If you make your DIY jam, then they would surely be lost in the heavenly taste. This also adds a dessert touch to the guests at your parties.

Make it Salty and Tangy

Add some tangy foods like olives and marinated artichokes to fulfill the salt come tangy effect.

Add Summer Melon and Cheese Board

The sweet taste of summer melon goes well along with cheese on a cheeseboard. Add some lime juice and fresh herbs to this mixture to get that vivid themed look on your board.

Summer Crudites and Dip

This healthy recipe is the best choice for summer parties to beat the heat. Don't miss to add some vegetables that are sliced well along with cheese so that the guests can crunch in the veggies by pairing with the cheese.

Winter Meat and Cheese Board

Cheeseboards are great entertainers to guests in festive events. Decorate the board with varieties of cheese like blue cheese, creamy cheese, and smoky cheese. Surround it with a filling of dried fruits, plenty of fruits, bread, nuts, and olives. Top it up with some dark chocolate to give a delectable finishing taste to the guests.

Add Some Wine

Wine is a great addition to the board as it goes well with cheese. Also, provides a break from the input of stuffed items on the board by serving as a refreshing drink.

Garnish the Board

To get that final touch, garnish the bread with fresh herbs and cranberries that make the servings worth it to try for the guests. Black and green olives make the board look colorful and flavoured. Put in some cherries to give that edible taste to your cheeseboard.

At ellementary, we have different types of cheese boards that would cater to all your requirements of eating. Below listed are the cheese boards available at our store.

Teak Wooden Cheese Board

Purely handcrafted and sustainable, this cheese board is made of rich wood that makes it sturdy enough. Serve the cheese in these boards without any fear as it is completely food safe. The long life of these boards makes it be the best appetizer for parties.

Mango Cheese Board Bird Natural

Add some cheese to this mango-based cheese board with a bird on the side that gives a natural look to the guests. Mango wood makes the board light-weighted and, easy to carry around by anyone. This is a reliable product available at our online store as it is natural and food safe. Serve anything on this board and, we assure you that it will taste nothing less than delicious.

Mango Cheese Board Leaf Natural

Serve your cheese or bread by cutting them into slices on a natural backdrop with this simple and sleek board. The mango wood makes the board handy and durable and, the natural effect is credited to the leaf on the side.

In Teak Wooden Cheese Board Oval

This oval-shaped board looks compact yet spacious to add enough ingredients that look striking by drawing the attention of the guests. They cannot wait for any more to taste the offerings with such a wonderful teak backdrop theme. Featuring the look to that of a bat, the design looks fashionable which makes it a great addition to cocktail parties and get together events.

Lure the Guests with a Lavish Cheese Board

A cheeseboard filled with so many stuffing looks catchy in the eyes of guests with all healthy add-ons. It looks visually striking to the eyes in a way that tempts the guests to try each one of the fillings to find out what different varieties of foods your board has to offer.


Cheeseboards are perfect entertainers in parties as they bring so much joy to the guests. Everyone loves to try different foods rather than the usual. On that note, cheese boards compliment well on the party table by fulfilling your appetite and, also the cravings of different foods and snacks in a single shot.

Pamper your guests by presenting all the healthy stuff like proteins, nuts, vegetables, carbs in a single serving that makes them feel light and good.

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