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Millennials generally love cheese, in fact, they use cheese in everything; from plates of pasta, curries, pizzas and other dishes, cheese is one of the most crucial condiment that adds a certain tangy, sour and creamy understate to meals that make these extra delectable. 

Thus, if you are tired of eating the old pain breakfasts each day, maybe it's time to make some changes. In fact, you can use a cheese board to glam up and make your mornings extra jazzy.  

What's more? You know the popular saying; “a good breakfast is the sign of a good day,” so it is it mandatory that you find a cheese board and make your mornings extra useful. 

Now, you might wonder, why we are stressing on a cheeseboard? 

Well, the answer is simple! The cheeseboard is a low cost, can be used in a multipurpose way, and will glam up your food presentation. 

On that note, today, we are going to serve you with some cheeseboard presentation tips, which can help your past time. 

Cheeseboard Serving Ideas: Breakfast  


  • Apple Cheddar Filled Pork 


Having meat for breakfast is a tradition among many online families. This stands especially true for families who have fitness freaks. So, for all the meat lovers and gym enthusiasts, you can start your morning with some apple cheddar stuffed pork. 

This dish is filling, succulent, delicious and chewy. To make this you need some eggs, cheddar cheese, diced apples, cooked pork chops, breadcrumbs and apple juice. The dish preparation time is around 45 mins, the procedure involves, mixing all the breadcrumbs, eggs, cheddar cheese and diced apple together to form a dough.  

Cook the dough and then use the paste to stuff the pork chops. Once stuffed, bake for 45 minutes, and soon you will be graced with the savoury aroma of cheddar filled pork chops. Serve this item artfully in your cheese board and add some scrambled eggs on the sizes for a filling meal. 


  • Cheddar Ham and Pasta (Baked) 


Pasta is one item that is loved by most people. Therefore, if you are a brunch kind of person, this dish is ideal for you. You can eat this without any side dish and consume a sustainable amount, which can last you all afternoon too. 

What's more? The cheddar ham and pasta bake is delicious, very creamy and extremely fulfilling too. To make this tasty and scrumptious meal, you need to stock up on some beer-based cheese sauce, flour, butter and ham and pasta mix, breadcrumbs and mushrooms. 

You can also use a teak wooden cheese board for decorating this dish. If you want more suggestions, you check out websites like Ellementry.  

Now, to prepare this delectable dish, you need to mix all the ingredients together to form a dough. Take this dough and bake for 45 minutes. Once you open the oven, your nostrils will be filled with the warm succulent smell of the baked ham portions of pasta, waiting to be devoured. 

Serve this in any oval-shaped cheese board and you can eat it as you like.  


  • Chicken Waffle Sandwich 


When it comes to a fancy breakfast idea, it is best that you try out the chicken waffle sandwich. This one features a tangy, buttery and crunchy under taste, that simply makes the mouth water. To make this waffle sandwich you need salt, pepper, frozen waffles, cheese mix, crunchy chicken nuggets, soft bread with encrusted cheese. 

Now, to make this item, you need to find the recipe online. Listen to the instructions and create the stuffing for the sandwich. Next, make the waffles in a waffle maker and stuff the crunch chicken nuggets within these. 

Once you do, cut these into smaller pieces and serve it alongside some sour cream sauce in your cheeseboard. This presentation is firstly unique and secondly, will make you want to eat your meal with fervour. 


  • Turkey and Cranberry Brie Sandwich 


You will probably roll your eyes if you consider the idea of a turkey and cranberry sandwich. But this combination tastes heavenly if made carefully. This turkey cranberry brie sandwich is quite easier to make will not take up much amount of your time. 

As a result, if you do the preparations beforehand, you can easily make this dish for breakfast. To make this you need a baguette, cranberry sauce, cooked turkey and a skewer. 

The procedure involves mixing all the ingredients together to make a dough. This is many for the baguette. Next, bake this for a certain time until the baguette is nice and warm. Take it out and place the cranberry and turkey inside the baguette and bake again. 

Once done, your sweet and savoury cranberry brie sandwich is ready for serving! You can cut these baguettes and use a toothpick on each of them. Once you do, serve these bite-sized baguettes on your platter, to make breakfast look delectable. 


  • Baked Beef Nachos  


If you are hypothetically celebrating a grand thanksgiving breakfast, then you should consider making something fancy and filling. Well, we suggest you make baked beefy nachos, and these are ideal for a heavy Thanksgiving dinner. 

For making this delectable piece of heaven, you will need pub-styled nachos, cheddar cheese, beef sauce, salt pepper and refined beans.  

This entire dish is simple and takes around 20 minutes to make, so therefore, it is ideal to make this dish for breakfast. To make this delectable item, you once more mix the ingredients together and bake for around 15-20 minutes.  

For more insight, you can check out the recipe online. However, once you bake this dish, you will be greeted with melted cheese on crisp delectable nachos. These are very succulent, tasty and incredibly filling.  

What's more? You can decorate your cheeseboard with this item. Simply take a portion of this dish and place it categorically on the platter. You can then add condiments and sauces on the sides like mayo, cheese dip, salsa sauce and sour cream.  

This will make breakfast yummy, delectable and super crunchy! You can serve this item in a mango wood lean cheeseboard.  

Apart from these items, you can also make a classic cheeseboard made from fresh fruits, nuts and an assortment of meat and cheese. For example, you can use mozzarella, cheddar, blue or other variants of cheese for your cheeseboard platter. For the savoury part, buy sausages, meatballs, salmon and salami slices. 

For fruits, ensure to use tropical fruits like raspberries, blueberries, oranges, kiwis, strawberry, and more. Now, once you have all the ingredients, place these artfully in your platter to complete the classic platter dish. 

On that note, now that you are aware of the ways to deck up your cheeseboard, try out these dishes and ideas for breakfast. Happy Cooking!

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