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The monsoon has hit many states of the country. Be it a cloudy afternoon or a pouring morning, a hot cup of coffee does the trick in one go! For some, just a whiff of coffee leads to the release of happy hormones. So it is safe to say, coffee is a multipurpose, all-weather, all-mood beverage that helps lift a coffee drinker's mood.

That is a reason why terms like Coffee-lovers have been coined. Not only that, just like any other activity – it can also be a good common ground for many people to hit it off as friends – coffee becomes a bonding factor here. It is a common notion that coffee is best when served hot. However, cold coffee is also a popular beverage these days.

The drink traces back its origin to the 15th century. During that period, it was visible to the goat herders that the plant has energizing effects on goats. The places of origin have been documented as Africa and Southern Arabia. The beverage comes in different colours such as Black, dark brown, light brown and beige.

The making of coffee is a remarkable phenomenon. Like all fruits, these magic beans are further processed, from raw material—the fruit and seed—into a stable, raw product; un-roasted, green coffee. During the formative period, the seed is separated from the fruit to produce green coffee. The process entails roasting green coffee to transform green coffee into roasted coffee.

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Served hot or served cold, coffee has travelled across the world to reach our households. It has moved around the world, from wild Africa to the Middle-eastern region and Europe. One common thing is its unique - refreshing, energizing effect on its consumers. Countries like Brazil top the ranks in coffee production along-with, 35% of the world's total production coming from the South American country.

The Indian subcontinent has its own set of coffee such as Monsooned Malabar. It is otherwise also called Monsoon Malabar. It's anything but a cycle that's applied to the espresso beans.

The collected espresso seeds are presented to the rainstorm winds and rains for a period of around three to four months, making the beans expand and lose their unique corrosiveness, bringing about a flavour profile with a well-balanced pH level.

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The coffee espresso is specific to the Malabar Coast of Karnataka, Kerala and the Nilgiri heaps of Tamil Nadu and has secured status under India's Geographical Indications of Goods Act. The name Monsoon Malabar is gotten from openness to the storm winds of the Malabar Coast.

Be it coffee or any other beverages, the choice of getting drinkware is a personal one. Lifestyle choices play a significant role in buying a serveware set that fits the bill. A healthy household naturally opts for sustainable, food-safe and eco-friendly drinkware items.


Ellementry is a one-stop solution towards healthy and sustainable living with its range of food-safe and sustainable products to serve food and drinks. Be it a choice of the right coffee mugs or a coffee carafe that fits your kitchenware, Ellementry is the way to go -

Indigo symphony coffee mug set of two

Ellementry features hand-painted blue flowers on an indigo glazed backdrop. The Indigo Symphony Coffee Mug is a set of two and is also a working piece of art. This coffee tumbler is eco-friendly and ensures food safety.


Eclipse ceramic coffee mug set of 2

The Ellementry product set helps you spend quality time with your loved ones over a cup of coffee in these Eclipse ceramic coffee mug Sets of Two. These mugs are handcrafted and are completely food-safe.

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The beverage is far from just a drink. It is symbolic of lifestyle choices. It is also a pioneer of soulful conversations and a pioneer of good memories. It is also a starter for a good, soulful conversation.

Coffee beans indeed are magic beans - good for energizing and stimulating the brain into becoming more active and creative. Caffeine present in coffee enhances the brain's ability to retain information by increasing alertness and reducing weariness. Hence, it is beneficial for students with intensive course requirements.

Caffeine can increase the quantity of knowledge retained in the short term memory, allowing for smoother learning and comprehension during long learning sessions.

Be it a close-knit group of people having coffee together or two strangers sipping this exotic but natural beverage - it is rarely devoid of a good conversation. Coffee enters our system with all its experiences and race memories.

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