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We Indians are known for our hospitality. Guests at our home are no less than a God to us. You wouldn’t like to serve God in ordinary kitchenware items. Special people ask for special treatment. It’s funny how people in India save fancy and most expensive crockery and cutlery set in the household for the visitors. 

This also strengthens the fact that for us visitants are of prime importance and we offer them the best of our capability. Ellementry has some beautiful compilation which would take your sociability to another level. 

If you are someone who loves to exhibit their social skills at the dining table, then your dazzling collection of porcelain will help you big time. Each item from the set will grace your kitchen, as well as table decor at a party or a casual, get together over lunch or dinner. The bone china that you like comes in several designs and styles. You can choose according to your house’s decor and interior. 

Handcrafted Kitchenware for Elegance and Grace

Not all the items are meant to go on the table and gas stove. Some are too beautiful to be used. They are perfect as decoration piece over the counter-top. Aesthetic plates can gracefully exude their charm through the glass of the beautifully carved wooden cabinets. 

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Ellementry has an expansive assemblage of handcrafted kitchenware products. One made from glass, another from ceramic. They are also made from teak, natural wood, and terracotta. All of them are made from 100% sustainable ingredients and are given shape and designed by true artists. Every article of a set is unique and adds to your style. 

Here are the collections of appealing and aesthetically beautiful pieces of art. 

Midnight & eclipse

This mystical assortment includes salad bowl, dessert plate set, cheese platter, wood platter, mango wood salad server, and two uniquely shaped vases. All of them together will take your table and interior decor game to another level. 

The plates have backdrops of bold flowers and leaves which will attract those who are around automatically. The salad bowl and the spoon would be the piece of attraction on the table. You can keep the vases on the table beside the dining or at the counter as well. It will shine and uplift the overall look of the surrounding. 

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Fleur d'Or

It is all about reviving culture and traditions at the house. The entire set is made from natural wood and has a soothing design carved on it. It includes a cake stand, a wooden platter, a tray and a cutlery stand. An interesting fact about all of them is that the design is hand-painted by the artisans. It is perfect for those who like to keep it low yet classy. 

Aqua rustic

Pasta bowl, uniquely shaped dishes, teacups, mugs, manikin, and plate; are all made up of ceramic. If you are one of those who like to everything with elegance, then this compilation is meant for you. The beauty lies in minimalism. The calm and cool hue and distinguished shape of each element make it stand apart from others. 

In teak

It has so much to offer to you that you would not be able to resist bringing this assortment home. From platter to bowls of different sizes, it has got it all. You can use them for multiple purposes as well. 

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It is all about bringing traditions and our ancient values home. Our grandmother used to cook and store eatable as well as water in utensils made from clay. One prime reason was of several benefits it has our health. 

With time and lifestyle up-gradation, we have become too sophisticated to use vessels made from clay. Terracotta is the perfect substitute and solution to this problem. It has the same properties and benefits for humans. The compilation includes a curd setter, water bottle, roti box, sprouter, and a baking dish

Many of you might have open kitchens at home. So, the utensils and cookware have to be of premium quality and design. A well-built place cannot be ruined with mundane looking items. Get your hands on these collections and give your cookhouse a character of its own. 

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