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House decor is incomplete until it has some appropriate lights illuminating all of its corners. The house must have a proper entrance that welcomes natural light but at some places, it is not possible. Thus, every house needs light that will cheer up the place and mood both. In the past days, there were limited sources of artificial light but people do know how to use these as light decor. Earlier wax candles, lanterns, and oil lamps were the only light decors that could help in lighting up the house. But today, with the innovation and technology a wide variety of light sources are available. Light decor helps you in lighting up your house with different colours and intensity of lights. You can check many stylish lights on Ellementry.

Architects while developing a plan for the house try to make space for natural light. They also mark points for the lights for your house. But it’s your understanding and choice of how to light up your house in a perfect manner. Most of the users try to add lights through different appliances and decor but fail to create the aura they were looking for. But do we know what are the mistakes that we commit while light up our house with colourful lights and light decors? 

Wrong installation of lights in layers

Adding several lights in the room just to feel daytime all the time might disappoint you at some points. Most people consider to fix ceiling lights as they consider them to be sufficient but this fact is not true. The ceiling lights generally influence the work like reading and writing on the desk or in the bed. If lamps and floor lights are not installed then different tasks might get affected. The absence of side lamps in the bedroom might affect your romantic mood as it provides a cosiness. The lamps and adjustable lights are a necessity of a bedroom or reading room light decor as they give perfect light for the mood and lit up space accordingly. 

The dim light in Kitchen

Kitchen is an important room in the house and you need to light up your room for better cooking. People think they need less light in the kitchen as the only task is to cook. But it's not true at all, as cooking is a continuous process and requires great focus. A dim light lowers the excitement and craze of cooking. A kitchen must-have proper lighting and ventilation thus must have large windows for natural light and adequate space for light decors for the kitchen. Pendant lanterns and ceiling lights are very important so that cooking can be easier. You can find attractive pendant lamps on Ellementry.

Wrong mood lights in the living room

Best moments of the light are spent and celebrated in the living room, thus you need to light up your room accordingly. It is generally considered that there must be large chandeliers and bright lights in the living room as celebrations need glamour in the centre. Though it is true up to some extent and that depends on the type of celebration. For a large family gathering, more light is required but for small gatherings or romantic celebrations, this much light is not required. To light up your mood according to the occasion give your living room best light decor. 

Getting ready in the wrong light

Bathrooms and changing rooms are both very important segments of the house. Lighting is also important in these places but that generally get avoided by the people. Most of the bathrooms have dim lights and this affects the makeup and dressing up. It is very important to have correct light in the bathroom or changing room as they affect the styling. Having light decor just above the mirror also causes trouble like it causes a shadow in the mirror. The bathroom light decor must be of white light and must be placed at different angles to avoid shadows. 

Incorrect setup of lamps

Lamps are considered as the best light decor of the house. But using them in the correct places and at an appropriate height is very important. While using a floor lamp only its shape and design matter to the people but its height is equally important for serving the purpose. To light up your study room, the lamp must be of the height of the couch or reading chair and must give focused light. But this same lamp light does not fulfil the purpose of the living room, as it does need a light that will spread around the room. Thus, it is very important to understand the appropriate height and type of light needed in different rooms of the house. You must check out the perfect lamps for your house on Ellementry.

Light up the house front

Light up your house with colourful and bright lights so that no negativity can come inside. People get to indulge in decorating their houses from inside and forget about the front of the house. Night brings darkness all around and also brings risks for your house. Each time while deciding the light decor for the house it is important to remember the light decor for the gate and porch. Some focus lights and gate lights can ensure security and also removes darkness from the entrance of the house. On a special occasion light up your house with rice lights and colourful bulbs. 

Decorating a house with lights can cost a lot sometimes, but the technology has introduced LED and other low consumption lights. These lights are available as different light decors and will add glamour to your house with its shine. Try to avoid the mentioned mistakes while lighting up your house. Visit Ellementry today to buy exciting lights for your house.

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