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A wine cooler is a necessary unit to keep your wines cool at the best suitable temperature. Any home bar would be unfinished without a wine cooler as it provides a dull wine-drinking experience.

As a beginner, there may be so many factors to consider before buying the relevant wine cooler for your home.  Let us look into the different aspects to consider that would guide you in buying the ideal wine cooler for your home.


  • Choose a Wine Cooler that Keeps your Drink Cool to the Optimum Level


It is crucial to store the wines at a proper temperature. Storing wines at high temperatures above 70 degrees will age your wines quickly. Sometimes, it can lead to the evaporation of the wine even. At the same time, do not store it at low temperatures too. Keeping this in mind, buy a wine cooler that works at 55 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your wines stored in good condition.


  • Set a Constant Temperature


It is suggested to avoid temperature changes to avoid condensation of the wine. So, set at a constant temperature for the wine bottle to stay intact and humid until you serve for the guests.


  • Light is not Good for the Wine


In general, wine is sensitive to sunlight as the deadly UV rays may heat the wine bottles. Wine coolers must be kept away from light to retain the quality and taste of the wine. So, avoid placing the coolers in light predominant areas considering the safety of your drinks. 

Alternatively, choose to buy a LED wine cooler that will not increase the temperature much also, provides a chic look to the home with a comfortable reading option on your bottles.


  • Keep the Coolers Standstill


It is essential to keep the wine coolers in a calm place to avoid vibrations in your cooler. This can reduce the ageing process of the wine. It is essential for stocking your wine in the edible condition in the end.


  • Humidity


If you are planning to preserve your wine in the storage system for more than 10 years, set the moisture level to 70 per cent. This will maintain the taste of the wine without changing the temperature of the drink.

Apart from the above-listed factors, there are other criteria to consider before buying a wine cooler concerning the different options available in the market.


  • Types of Wine Coolers


Compressor Wine Cooler

This technology works by compressing the air and then releasing it in the air to maintain the temperature inside the cooler. Keeping the wine at the best possible cool temperature is the intention of these coolers.

Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

These coolers consume little power to keep the wines at the best temperature. Thermostatic coolers are much reliable, energy-efficient, and noise-free when compared to traditional compressors.

  1. Wine Cooler Size

To give the wine bottles the much-deserved space, it is essential to consider the size of the cooler before buying it.

Mini Wine Fridge- This cooler may look small but is an appropriate one for commercial spaces like hotels. Despite their size, they have a digital control panel and ensure the quality of the wine bottles.

Large Wine Fridge- This type of coolers are a good fit for experts with a huge collection of wine.

Tall Wine Fridge- These are very roomy and look massive occupying a very little space in your cabinet.

  1. Wine Cooler Location

Before you buy the best cooler for your home, decide where you are going to place it. 

Freestanding Wine Cooler- These items are built for standalone installations and need to be kept in an isolated space.

Built-in Wine Cooler- These meet the critical cooling needs of your wine and compliment your kitchen well.

Countertop Wine Cooler- The choicest coolers with a storage capacity of 25 bottles.

If you are looking for the best wine coolers for your home or bar, check our online store Ellemmentry to buy some classic coolers to fulfil the chilling needs of your wine.

  1. Wine Cooler Temperature Zones

While buying a wine cooler, it is necessary to keep in mind the different categories of fridges for meeting the wine storage needs. It is suggested to decide on which cooler you want to buy based on the collections of wine you have.

Single Zone Wine Coolers- Such wine coolers maintain the ideal temperature of your wine providing sufficient space to store up to 166 wine bottles. 

Dual Zone Wine Coolers- The engaging feature of this cooler is the capacity to store different wines at different temperatures. This cooler is ideal to cater to the cooling requirements of different kinds of wine that need different temperature.

Multi-Zone Wine Coolers- A royal wine cooler that benefits in multiple storages of wines with a storage capacity of 100 wine bottles.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

 Cost is another important factor to consider before buying the coolers. Wine coolers are much efficient and budget-friendly for your wines when compared to wine refrigerators because they can resist the absolute temperature that is required for your wine.

  1. Lock Facility

It is important to have an inbuilt lock option for the privacy of your wine bottles. Get one with the lock and have the key to avoid any third person from accessing your system.

  1. Thermostat Options

The type of thermostat you choose can have a large impact on the storage of the wine. Manual and electronic give a different level of control on your wine cooler's temperature. Manual thermostats provide great temperature control while electronic thermostats can control your temperature setting to pre-determined ranges that are essential for wine storage. The digital label on this makes the reading clear and helps in knowing the precise temperature. 

Benefits of Buying the Wine Cooler

  • Wine coolers provide the ideal environment for the wines.
  • They require less maintenance when compared to other systems.
  • Coolers come in attractive designs to complement your home.
  • Flexibility to store other kinds of beverages like soda and juices inside the system.
  • Made of stainless steel with removable racks.


  Be mindful in buying a suitable wine cooler for your home that meets all the wine needs. There are so many online websites featuring wine coolers to fulfil the cooling requirements of your wine. Check Ellementry website to spot some beautifully handcrafted wine coolers with a robust design and sassy look to adorn your party table.

Consider all the above aspects before getting one and decide on the ideal type of cooler. It is high time to think on different perspectives before choosing the wine cooler to appreciate good storage benefits of the wine. Preserve the wine in the proper systems to endure a long-life leading to a delightful wine experience for the guests.

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