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The kitchen in our houses is a fascinating place. It is where along with mouth-watering dishes, unforgettable memories braise with giggle and laughter. The aroma doesn’t leave you with any choice but to follow it.

You end up near the stove to see what is cooking. This hypnotic smell from the cookhouse is the result of the mixing of ingredients together. But there is something else that also plays a crucial role in it.

They are the utensils you use to boil your festive recipe. The taste and flavour of the food majorly depend on the type of pot used to serve and cook. Go and check some finely designed cookware set at Ellementry.

Cooking containers include vessels that seen at your place. Pots, pans, bowls, dishes, spatulas, saucepan, cooker; anything and everything that helps a cook put together a meal comes under the category of kitchen essentials. They are of material that does not melt with the heat frequently.

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Each course of the meal has its dedicated apparatus. E.g. Rice cannot be boiled in a frying pan. Instead, they require a deep bowl with a finely perforated base and lid. Similarly, meat braised for a long time in a cast-iron pot tastes scrumptious. Kitchenwares used and kept over the heat are no less than essential. Their quality decides the sort of nosh you will have on your plate.

Traditionally, our culture insists us to use unglazed earthenware for preparing daily food. But we, today, are too vogue to use them. Aren’t we? Below are some ultra-modern yet environment-friendly products mentioned that you would like to add to your collection. 

Sous Chef multi-utility platter

Chopping, dicing is probably the first thing everyone learns before trying their hands on a full detailed process. It looks extremely unhygienic to cut the veggies on the countertop.

A self-sufficient cooking station will have a board for this purpose. This distinguished platter can be used whether you are learning or helping in the preparation. You can show your cutlery skills on it. The 7 blocks on it help you to keep all the required components as well as spices together.

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It is made from oak wood. This smart wooden plank is a must-have as it will add to your style and will make the mundane act of mincing celery fun and organised. 

Knurl terracotta curd setter

Knurl Terracotta Curd Setter

We are all familiar with the concept of adulteration in edible items. It is preferable to utilize everything made at home. Dahi is popular among Indian households. We prefer it with everything. Its benefits for health are numerous. But who knows if what is available in the market is real or not. 

Make your own at home with this product especially made for the purpose. It is alkaline, porous and natural. It gives shelter to the good bacterial to make thick creamy curd. What more do you need? 

White marble Chakla belan with stand

White Marble Chakla Belan with Stand

Who wants ordinary when you can have marble made rolling pin and board for perfect round chapattis. It is a modern take on tradition. This roti shaper will add charm to your style. It comes with a base for the pin, where it can rest while not in use.  Impress everyone with thin, round phulkas with this piece of art. 

Teak wood spatula

Let go of those straight no-style ladles. Avoid using those which scratches your delicate cookware. Made from teak, the spatula’s unique shape and design give you a hassle-free serving experience. 

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Round oak Pasta measure with 4 portion

Are you also one of those who love pasta? Well, this smartly put together product will help you treat yourself to the right quantity. It guides you on your quantity according to the number of servings you have. You might be good at a guess, but this instrument will give a smart practical approach to it. 

Essentials don’t mean boring. Instead, they can act as beautiful decor in your bakehouse. Each piece would uplift the overall look of its interior and will give it a character of its own. 

Essentials today are smartly and intellectually designed to serve you not just one but multiple purposes. Just like a carpenter require the right tool to get the job done, so does a chef. Tools are different but intentions are same. To offer the guests the best. Make it possible with Ellementry. 

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