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The kitchen is not only meant for cooking food. It is more than that. We host our buddies, have some intimate conversations, and sometimes hang out in them for no reason. 

Enhancing and making it more organised and maintained will give you more free space, a tidy working space, and keep your mood happy and light. You can do with installing or replacing the older ones with the new ones. One can also bring in new kitchenware items from Ellementry as they will lend a hand in making the place look systematic and elegant. 

Here are some tips for you to follow 

Utilise every corner

There is nothing like “Extra storage” in kitchens. The place is always packed and stuffed with different items. It is on you to use every corner and unused areas by installing cabinets and custom storage options.


Storage Shelf


E.g., if you have a narrow standing rectangular corner for which you cannot think of anything, go for a pull out tall rectangular cabinet, which would be perfect for keeping jars and containers. 

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Allot & keep everything in its place

If you wish to make your kitchen functional, then you might have to learn to keep everything in its allotted place after use. Use your drawers to create storage space for all the cutleries. Give utensils of each kind their compartments. To make it look clutter-free, you have to make up your mind to keep it clutter-free even while working. 

Other than cabinets

Along with drawers and cabinets, it would also be wise to use hanging baskets and shelves for easy and quick access. These baskets would be a great idea as they will also give you a way to show the tile work, which otherwise would have got hid behind bulky cabinets. 

Kitchen Storage Basket



Every effort and thought will go wasted if your cookhouse is not well lit with modern lights. Not just for decor purposes, lighting is essential for cooking and cleaning purposes as well. You can fix LED lights under the cabinets. It will keep the counter illuminated. One can also put a strip of light inside them. Each corner must be visible. 

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Now, here are some articles that you might like to consider for your house. These will help you to make your kitchen more functional and sophisticated. 

In time notice board with clock & shelf

Doesn’t it feel good when something that you bought serves your multiple purposes? This wall art décor item is one such thing. It is a board with a shelf to put jars and pots in addition to a clock on the top and hooks at the bottom to hang aprons, grocery bags and other clothes. 

You can keep one eye on the clock while cooking and also write it down on the board to let everyone know by what time the meal would be ready. It is functional art that, along with fulfilling its traditional job, will also uplift the look and vibe of the space. It comes with magnets. You can stick all your monthly grocery bills, recipe and other papers on it. 

Twine Wire basket (tall)

It feels good when you have a pantry completely stuffed with edible items of all kind. But it doesn’t look good when things like vegetable and fruits are kept in the open. Store them in this twine wire basket. 

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It is not like the old boring-looking baskets that kill the overall look. It is modern and stylish. The basket comes with a lid as well, which can function as a wooden chopping board. 

Gold metal wall art-small

It is time to hang some unique style on the walls of the kitchen. This interestingly shaped basket will hold everything from vegetables to napkins. Consider your wall an empty canvas and this piece as an accessory for it. It will blend into the overall decor very well. 

Frangipani wooden cutlery stand

If you do not wish to keep your spoons, forks, and knives kept hidden inside the drawer, you can have this wooden cutlery stand to help you. The cutlery stand is made from mango wood and has beautifully designed hand-painted on it. It has a place for everything that is needed to eat. It wears a coat of lacquer and meets international food safety standards as well. 

Bring all of these at home, and your work will reduce to half in no time. Have a look at more such items at 

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