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Whether you run a big food establishment or host parties often for friends and family, presentation is the prime aspect while serving food. It ensures the food looks great and the guest remembers the experience long after the party is over.

While you may think a unique presentation of food and creative ways to serve appetizers requires expensive tableware, dining supplies, and fresh produce, all amounting to high budget investments, that is far from the truth. There is a myriad of simple and quick ways to spruce up your boring and usual appetizers into fancy presentations and let your guests take home something to talk about. Read ahead and find out new ways to serve appetizers and get creative when you host the next party!

What is an appetizer?

Well, first things first. Let us begin with understanding what exactly is an appetizer? An appetizer is what we commonly refer to as starters, which is a small food preparation served before the actual main course is served. It is derived from French cuisine and known as hors d'oeuvres. There are several ways to serve appetizers. They can be served hot or cold, in single portions or as a buffet and sometimes even placed on the dinner table in a platter as a part of the main meal. Informal receptions or cocktail parties, they are served before the guests are seated.

You need not be a chef to create and serve appetizers. A simple dish can be made presentable and unique by using different ways to serve appetizers. Here are some of those to give you ideas!

Finger Food

We all have grown up eating and relishing some favourite finger foods. But do not be mistaken, finger foods are not just for babies. There are numerous options for serving finger foods that your guests will relish and enjoy. Since most people consider finger foods to be greasy and a messy affair, try serving them on small skewers or toothpicks to make them less messy. Appetizers like kebabs let you get creative with unique marinades and preparations. Using skewers offers a unique way to serve appetizers along with a neat eating experience. Besides kebabs, you can also try other varieties of cooked meat combinations, fruits and cheeses.

Tasting cones

Ever heard of tasting cones? These are literally the best of both worlds. These are one of the unique ways to serve appetizers and at the same time save your plates and platters. They add style to the presentation and let you serve small serving portions.

Switch up your presentation

Simply switching to present your appetizers differently can offer variety. Serve your dip in martini glasses instead of bowls or use glass jars to serve cookies or brownies instead of going for the usual paper plates.

You can also opt for paper plates or plates made of palm leaf and bamboo. These offer an eco-friendly experience and make your appetizers much more presentable. Not to mention, it is also an easy way to let your guests know how much you care for the environment.

Experiment with varied sizes and shapes

Simply changing the shape of your food is a great idea to add flair and variety to your menu. Try using big size cookie cutters and cut your bread in the shape of a pumpkin for Halloween or a tree for a Christmas party. You can alternatively serve open shaped sandwiches in platters. You can also serve bite-sized sandwiches to add fun and reduce food wastage! Simply trying different coloured and shapes of serve ware can help you stick to your theme and experiment with foods. Ellementry has a wide variety of serve ware to help you with your next party.

Dip dip dip!

You may be used to the usual cheese or jalapeno dips to serve with your appetizers. But how about being a bit more experimental and trying other bases? Ever heard of a dip made of Brussel sprouts or beetroot? How about using a mint and curd dip this time? Another clever way to spruce up is to line the appetizers in a platter with three or more choices of dips! It lets the guest pick what they like and shows how much effort you have put in for the party without having to do much! You can find some of the most stylish and attractive platters on Ellementry.

Think beyond the box

Besides serving food in unique and untraditional ways, you can try using different containers to make the food look more fun. Make use of mason jars to serve pretzels, and shot glasses to serve dips. Use baskets made of cane to serve bread and be the talk of the town with these simple and creative ways to serve an appetizer.

Invest in unique platters

While you can place the cold starters on the table to be served later, hot appetizers need to be freshly served. For these, you can try a wide variety of platters in different shapes and sizes. We highly recommend this teak wooden platter from Ellementry available in many shapes and sizes.

Besides making it look fancy, serving your appetizers on a tray makes it convenient to take the appetizers around the room to serve to each guest allowing you to meet everyone and mingle with them as a good host.

Using a fancy platter like the red masala platter from Ellementry will make any dish look fancy and at the same time easier to refill from the kitchen.

How you set up the platter is also very important so make sure you use your creativity. You can use a wooden platter, metal platter or steel made platter depending on the need of the event or occasion.

Final Word

While everyone wants to impress the guest, do not fret on the same and tire yourself. you need to be cheery and happy for the party and the host deserves to enjoy the party too! try to prepare as much as you can before the party so you have ample time for mingling up with your guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen!

Try to find make-ahead recipes and prepare them a day or so in advance, but the drinks in a chiller and set the food platters on the buffet table so the guests can help themselves and you can have a good time!

Like any of these ideas? Do let us know! We would love to know your thoughts and what unique ways do you have to serve your appetizers! Visit Ellementry to buy platters for various occasions, in various shapes and sizes.

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