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For every homeowner, it is vital to decorate the house in the most tasteful ways. The surface areas are usually styled with console tables. If you have a long corridor or extra space in a particular area, coffee tables will look stunning there as well. 

However, placing a table will not do the trick. There should be some elements on the tabletop to add to the entire vibe of the decor. Selecting the best decor items can be daunting for many individuals. 

Ellementry, a brand dedicated to enhancing the appeal of your home with sustainable and handcrafted products, can help you out. They have some top-of-the-line decor pieces that are perfect for your console table. 

You mustn’t overlook buying console table decor items. They are vital for creating a strong first impression. Keep reading to know what products you can choose to make that lone table look incredibly beautiful and attractive. 

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Beautiful Planter 

Add an earthy vibe to your home with beautiful planters. Your console table is one of the best places to add greenery. You can either opt for large size or small decor plants according to the space available. If you want the table to be your dedicated home garden, then you can place many different sizes.

Planter Decor


The beautiful plants and fresh blooms will give your home freshness. The air will be much cleaner to breathe and spectacular to look at. The planters come with a tray that ensures that the water doesn’t drip on the table and leave marks in the wake.  

Classy Bowl

If your console table is placed near the entrance then it will be smart to adorn it with a classy table bowl. You can use one or multiple as per your choice. This will give you a perfect space to hold all the car keys and home keys. You can also place some healthy nibbles that you can take a handful of when on the go.


Decor Bowl for console table


There are so many options to choose from. You can select a metallic one or a bowl made of glass to match it with the decor theme. Whatever be your choice, the bowl will act as a stunning decor element on your console table. 

Sophisticated Sculpture

If you have been to other people’s home, there is one thing that you must have found common. That is a sculpture. Almost everyone has a sculpture in their home. The reason behind it is very simple; it is a popular decor item. 

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So, if you are looking for an effortless decor piece for your console table, then you must choose face sculptures. This beautiful statement piece works as a focal point and adds a calming vibe to the environment. 

Versatile Vase

Love to add fresh flowers or dried flowers to your decor? Then you will need a spectacular vase for this purpose. It is best to choose the vase in a neutral colour to easily fit the decor theme. 

The console table is a great place to keep the urn. Choose handcrafted products to stand apart from the crowd. Irregular shapes will enhance the decor even further. It will give you a chance to showcase your creative side in the best possible way. 

Chic Candle Stand

Candles are one such product that can transform the vibe and appeal of the space. No wonders a lot of homeowners select scented candles to ensure their home smells great. 

However, placing the candle on the console table will lead to wax spill and harm the wooden table. The best way to avoid that is by opting for candle stand table. You can choose beautifully hand-painted ones to add a fresh vibe. 

Adorable Storage Box

Another amazing that you can add to your console table or even centre table is an adorable storage box. It is perfect to store spare change or any other thing that you wish to. You can also set them as pair and store dry fruits inside it. The best thing about such boxes is that it will always make your guests wonder what is stored in it. 

Enhancing and elevating the look and feel of the space isn’t daunting anymore. Ellementry has all the products that you need to turn the console table into a charming space. The handcrafted sustainable products that are the epitome of form and function will make your home the best from the rest. 

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