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When in the process of decorating our homes, we look at every little aspect. The colour of the walls can add depth and dimension to a room; the furniture arrangement draws focus to certain features of the house, even the type of furniture used tells a lot about the home and its residents. But the one thing many of us tend to neglect or get stuck at is our staircases. Most house owners tend to overlook the benefits a staircase can bring, space-wise and décor wise. It can act as storage or as a gallery and can also appeal to your aesthetic senses.

Family photo gallery

Is there a better way to make your stairway look more attractive than by putting up family pictures? This décor idea acts in two ways; you not only give your staircase a more exciting look, but you also have the bonus of reminiscing on memorable moments you have captured. Another smart tip is to make use of lighter colour photo frames. Use light colours such as cream and beige to make pictures on the wall stand out more and make them the centre of focus while walking up the stairs.

Rainbow stairway

A fun and affordable way to make your stairs look more appealing is by painting them. Especially with children around, this becomes a fun task to do as a family and matches the mood of the home. Start at the bottom by painting each step with a different colour. Begin with darker colours and move on to lighter shades such as blues and greys. You can use various other colours as well but ensure that the shades you use complement each other

Nature landing

If nature and all things green are your aesthetic, consider adding a few plants to your stairs' landing. Don't worry if you don't have sufficient sunlight; you can add some easy to handle plants to the bottom of your staircase. This adds a cosy and natural vibe to your home and also purifies it.

Mirror Stair wall

Another exciting way to revamp your staircase wall is by adding mirrors. These can be of different sizes and shapes. Mirrors give the illusion that your space is larger than it is; this includes stairways as well. The best way to use this technique is to choose mirrors of a similar shape but in various sizes. This gives the impression of a larger area and also creates a focal point.


Sometimes the space underneath a staircase and at the bottom is taken for granted. This space can be used in a variety of ways. One simple way to make use of this space is by turning it into a work area. This is not only a practical solution to use the excess space, but it can also add to the décor of the whole home. Depending on your preference, your workspace can be decorated to complement the entire house's interior design. It also adds some personality to your blank stairway.

Shelf wall

Another ingenious way to use the excess space under your staircase is to convert it into shelves. These shelves can hold anything from books to pictures or even random trinkets. You can also add shelves along your staircase to give the area a more sophisticated yet playful look. Try the shelves by Ellementry to serve your purpose.

Papered stairs

One of the simplest yet a sophisticated way to decorate your staircase is by covering each step's side with wallpapers of different designs. This adds character and dimension to the stairs and depending on the wallpaper's colour; it can also give an illusion of space. When trying this method out, one thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the different wallpapers used to belong to the same colour palette or at least complement each other.

Dark tones

This might seem quite a risky move for many people, but something darker shades is just what is required to pull focus to a masterfully built set of stairs. If your home follows a lighter or even white colour palette, don't be afraid to go bold and paint your entire staircase in a much darker blue or even black. By doing this, the stairway itself becomes a piece of décor.

Black and white

You can never go wrong with a classic black and white look. Painting the handrails white and the stair black or vice versa tends to complement each other and almost bring a regal feeling to the area. It brightens up your entryway and if at the front of the house, becomes the focus of attention as you enter.


Another very common yet classic design is that of the nautical theme. Paint the stairs in different shades of blue and hang nautical related décor on the stair wall to bring this sailor's atmosphere to life.

Easy colour

If getting dirty and painting is not your vibe, purchase a colourful striped stair runner. This will add some colour to your staircase without you working hard. A bench or table at the side of the stairs can act as an area to showcase pictures or a place to slip your shoes on before you head out.

Rustic barn

This theme is trendy and has been reworked continuously in many ways. If this is the type of aesthetic you desire for your home, but you don't want to overdo it, rustic panelling along your stair wall can give you this desired effect. This wall décor will give your guests a warm and welcoming feeling and create the perfect atmosphere for hot and summery game nights. Your staircase can sometimes get easily overlooked when decorating a new home. Don't forget that, although mostly practical, this space allows for a lot of creative design and interior excellence.

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