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When you think of mood lighting, what comes to your mind? A beautiful golden aura that warms up the house? A little darkness with a sweet glow of yellow light? A light between two people that brings a shine to the face? A space that is welcoming in every sense? 

Mood lighting for different people, especially when festive décor is on the mind, can be of many different opinions. But it doesn’t matter what you think about it as long as you are equipped with the right products that can add an oomph factor to any given space. Every idea, style and arrangement is possible with charming t light holders. Ellementry has a wide range of handcrafted and sustainable tea light holders that are crafted keeping the new age needs in mind. The festive season is special, and everything related to it must be unique too. So, why settle with conventional products that we have been using every year? Let us bring some freshness and add a vibe that will get everyone into the party mood. Let us relax with ambient lighting that is in a traditional form. Let us decorate our homes for upcoming festivals with t-lights. 

Maya Large T-Light Holder 

How often does it happen that you see a marble t-light holder in the market? Surely, it must be the first time when you heard such material being used in the making of this small and delightful product. With ellementry, everything is possible. When sustainability is the soul, items are bound to be distinctive and out-of-the-box. Maya large t-light holder is a beautiful piece that is perfect to hold your candles and light them up in style. Its white colour will conveniently blend with any décor theme. The golden rim complements the tea light holder and its surroundings. Whether you keep it on the centre table, bedside table or any place else, its charm will be hard to ignore.

Maya Large Tea Light


Maya Small T-Light Holder 

If you believe that the best things come in small packages, then Maya small t-light holder will warm up your heart. Its compact size makes it a cute and delightful addition to your festive décor. Even if it is missing the candle, it will still attract a lot of attention. Pair it with its large-sized counterpart to bring a wow factor to the overall appeal and glow. Handcrafted and a fusion item, it is a must-have this festive season.

Maya Small tea Light


Grey Glass T-Light Holder 

Are you planning on celebrating the festive season with great pomp and show? You do not want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to décor items? Then do consider a grey glass t-light holder for your home and office. The product is made of glass and decorated with golden artwork, which is completely handcrafted. You are not only bringing home a t-light holder but a piece of art that is stylish, elegant and unique in every sense. Place a candle inside it and see how it light up the space in a warm glow that doesn’t get in-between your conversation.

grey Glass tea Light


Blue Glass T-Light Holder 

If you are planning on reviving traditions and adding a rustic charm to your décor this season, a blue glass t-light holder is a must-have. It is a handcrafted glass votive t-light holder that shimmers with class and elegance. You can use it to lighten up your space, and it is also an ideal gift for anyone who loves simple, yet stylish things. After use, wash it with warm, soapy water and a sponge. Its beauty and shine will remain intact and good to be used again, whenever you wish to.

Shop with and experience the true essence of festivities. 

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