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Every home or kitchen is incomplete without a spoon or cutlery. We need it for various purposes, from serving to eating. Almost every recipe comes with instructions, where it says to put in a tablespoon of salt or any other ingredient. 

This is where most of us make a mistake. We use a teaspoon or vice versa, messing up the recipe. The reason why it happens is straightforward. People do not know the difference between tea spoon and table spoon. As both these varieties look very similar and come in several decorations, it is hard to spot the difference. 

As a result, many people consider it the same and use one instead of another. A closer observation can help you realise the difference. This guide will be marking clear distinction so that you can tell which spoon is which in the very first look. So, without further ado, let's get on with it! 

Tea Spoon vs Table Spoon


What is Teaspoon?

Begin with the basics; a teaspoon is part of the kitchen cutlery. It is designed and used to stir hot as well as cold beverages in a cup. It is also commonly used in measuring cooking ingredients. If you look at the spoons in general, a teaspoon will fall in small types of spoon category. 

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This kitchen item originated during the British colonial era when tea was consumed as a popular household beverage. Using a large spoon to stir sugar in the cup was a challenging task. The problem solved with the use of a teaspoon. 

It is 3.5 inches to 4.5 inches long and can hold around 5 millilitres of liquid in a scoop. It is the reason why this spoon is the first preference to measure medications. The abbreviation ‘tsp’ also means teaspoon that you must have noticed in recipe books. 

What is Tablespoon?

By now, it must be clear what exactly teaspoons are. If you are wondering what is tablespoon, then we have an answer for you, a brief one. This item is also a part of the kitchen cutlery but designed to eat or serve food. Again, looking at the spoons generally, tablespoon comes in the category of medium size. 

It has been available to Homo sapiens for a very long time. During excavation, many historians also found archaeological evidence in ancient Egyptian civilization where the use of spoons was common. 

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During the Renaissance period, tablespoon becomes so popular that rich people kept a personal one for eating. It was only after the Industrial Revolution that this piece of cutlery found its way into normal households. Stamping machines further led to large scale production 

A tablespoon is measured at the length of 5 inches to 6 inches. It can hold 15 millilitres of liquid in one scoop. The abbreviation ‘tbsp’ signifies that it is the tablespoon that you have to use when measuring the ingredients. 

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Here is a list of top tea spoon and table spoon that you can order from 

Sophiya Tea Spoon Set of 6

If you are tired of using those silver coloured metal spoon in your kitchenette, then it is time to switch it with this stunning set. The beautiful gold hue will give you a feel of royalty, and the design will set you apart from the crowd. 

The spoons are handcrafted from brass, which is well known for its antibacterial properties. It is durable and perfectly healthy to use.  

Sophiya Table Spoon Set of 6

Complete your set of table spoon and tea spoon by adding this one, along with the above-mentioned item, to your cookhouse. The beauty and health here are also not lost. The artistic design will capture your heart, and brass metal will take care of your health. The majestic golden shade will complement your crockery. 

Celestial Brass Table Spoon Set of 4

Another great and versatile option to add to your cooking space is a celestial brass table spoon set of 4. The antique gold colour on brass metal looks sunning. The intricate pattern gives you a better grip while consuming food or serving. 

So, what are you waiting for? Visit and bring home cutlery that is a dream come true. They will only enhance the beauty of your space and make everyday cooking feel more imperial. 

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