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A bowl is a useful utensil or dish that is generally used to serve food and store food in the pantry, kitchen, and refrigerators. These bowls can be bought in any departmental store or household goods store in the market and also online. Ellementry, however, has some of the best designs available for your needs. Bowls are made by using wooden material, glass, clay, steel, ceramics, and even plastic and there are many types of bowls in many shapes and sizes and also many decorative designs. 

Bowls – Various Ways to Use Them

Bowls are generally used in the kitchen but interior décor and design is an extremely creative process and bowls can be used in different ways around the household besides the kitchen. They are a decorative item that can be used as a showpiece to add to the interior décor of the household but there are many more ways of using bowls that help make the home more functional. Stores like Ellementry website offer different types of bowls online which can be used in different ways around the home. The following are some of the functional and useful ways of using bowls in the house

Using Bowls in the House

Key Bowls

Many types of bowls can be kept on the side table foyer table which adds to the décor and also serves for the purpose of keeping keys near the door. Keys, wallets, bus or train passes and even loose change can be kept in the key bowls near the door and is a very convenient place to store keys. Ellementry is a great shopping website and we have large bowls that are perfect for this purpose.

Nightstands & Bedroom Dressers

Bowls of different shapes and sizes are perfect for nightstands as well as for dressing tables. When you buy a bowl for your kitchen, it can also be used on the nightstand to keep smartphones, watches, jewellery items and even makeup items on the dressing table. It is easy to fetch items from a large bowl as it is easily accessible and visible from a bowl. Small bowls can be also used in drawers to keep individual small categories of items in drawers, in dressers and nightstands.

Bowls as Decoration

We at Ellementry website provide decorative bowls that can be used as decorative items as showpieces around the household to add to the home décor. Different types of decorative bowls have very nice styles and designs perfect for interior décor of the home. This includes colourful ceramic bowls, glass and crystal bowls, wooden and clay bowls, ethnic designer bowls, steel and brass historic style bowls and even natural looking uneven style bowls that are popular in interior décor.

Bowls for Scents and Potpourris

There are many ways to using bowls in the household besides the obvious ways in the kitchen for meals. Bowls of different shapes and sizes are filled with air fresheners and scent sachets to provide a pleasant environment and smell around the household. Different types of bowls can be used as decorative bowls for potpourri around the household which adds to the ambience and décor of the household.

To Add Height to Displays

Sometimes these bowls are quite large items with a very large base. If a table is small in height and a showpiece or flower arrangement needs to be displayed, these bowls can be simply turned over and kept on the table to add height to the display. They can be used for display purposes as wide and large bowls can be used to put small showpieces in them as home décor display items.

Storage Bowls in Bathrooms

Just like you buy a bowl for your kitchen, it is a good idea to buy bowls as storage for the bathroom that can be kept in the storage area in the bathroom. Many people find it extremely hard to fit all their bathroom accessories in cabinets. These bowls can be used to store soaps, lotions, makeup, hair accessories, perfumes and all sorts of personal care items’, making the storage bowls very useful in the bathroom. These bowls can be bought depending on the space available for them in the bathroom and can be also kept in the dressing area near the bathroom or also in the closet area in households.

Bowls for Small Miscellaneous Household Items

There are many types of bowls and bowl style dishes available on top home décor stores online like Ellementry website. Households, whether small or large, have many small and miscellaneous items that need to be stored for the proper functioning of households all over the world. Miscellaneous items that can be stored in these bowls include zipper, buttons, laces, ribbons, clips, hair bands, socks, ties, and other small items that can be stored around the home.

Baking Items and Refrigerators

There are some items and accessories used for baking that can be stored in bowls when you buy a bowl for your kitchen needs. Many small baking products need to be stored properly in the kitchen. This includes pastry brushes, spoons, spatulas, whisks, kitchen scissors, mitts, rolling pins, baking trays, and cake decorating equipment can all be put in these kitchen storage bowls. Small bowls can also be kept in the refrigerator to store fruits, vegetables, packets, condiments, spices and other types of food ingredients easily in the refrigerators.

Storage Bowls for Kid’s Accessories and Toys

Babies, small kids, and toddlers not to mention young children and teenagers have a lot of stuff and usually their storage spaces are overflowing with merchandise. It is a great idea to use plastic and wooden bowls which are very hard to break to store toys, sports equipment, and even school bags, books and stationery in bowls. Ellementry website offers a large variety of bowls that can be used for such purposes.

Bowls for Plants, Shells and Decorative Pebbles

Bowls are decorative items that can be used around the house but they can also make the home look more natural and beautiful. There are many ways to using bowls to bring some greenery into the home. Different types of bowls are used as pots for plants and household plants can be put in different types of bowls found online and placed around the house. Bowls can be used to store decorative shells and also put pebbles in them which is a popular showpiece item in the 21st century.

Bowls as Candle Cases

Bowls can be used as candle cases as there are different types of bowls made by different materials available online. These bowls are available in various designs, shapes, and colours in which candles can be kept for decorative purposes. Candles are often used as decorative options and bowls can be used as candle stands as a creative option for home décor.

Interior décor is a creative process and there are two aspects of interior design that need to work effectively. These are that the interior design should be beautiful and the items used in the interior décor should also cater to a functionality purpose. Bowls can be used in a variety of ways around the household and they are very decorative as well as useful items to buy for the households. Different types of bowls can be bought from Ellementry in various designs, shapes, and sizes and it is often a good idea to buy such products online.

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