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A dining room is an ideal space where a family eats breakfast, dinner and even lunch, depending on their everyday life. A table – specifically meant for dining purpose is vital to the dining room. 

The choice of dining table ideally depends on the personal interests of the household members. Ellementry provides plenty of dinnerware options. The dining tables range from freeform and rectangular to oval and round shaped dining table. 

Dinnerware finds its place on your table as tableware. These items include dishes, utensils, and glassware used at the table. 

Wooden Salad Bowl

Ellementry is a one-stop solution for your dream dining room with its unique collection of several tableware items and dinner sets. It also affords suitable dinnerware add-ons. Additionally, the items are available in different varieties in terms of materials used, purpose, and aesthetic choices of colour, texture and feel.

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Some of us go for contemporary, modern and unconventional choices and others stick to the traditional and conventional preferences.

Talking about classical decor ideas, pre-dominantly European such as Georgian and Victorian come to our minds. The interior is brightened up with decorative lights. It is also rich with colours and luxurious dinnerware sets and showcases the survival of traditions through generations. The lights are glimmer, and colours like crimson red and velvet blue rule the theme. Not to forget, the royal majestic, chandeliers. 

Dining Lamp lighting

The dining room had been synonymous with the middle-aged lifestyle of the upper-class royalties. If you are looking to add to a similar distinction to your dining space, Ellementry provides you with luxury yet contemporary dinnerware options.

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If you are more of a contemporary, modern lifestyle choice preferably with lighter furniture and minimalistic interior decoration, you can find dinnerware sets online on various portals.

Depending on your lifestyle and aesthetic varieties, handcrafted and eco-friendly dinnerware is also available with Ellementry. The portal provides unique dinnerware sets online befitting a range of lifestyles. The add-ons may include, t-light candle holder, terracotta multifunctional 3-tier serving platters and roti-box

Dinnerware plates

Fiore ceramic dinner plates: These plates beautify your dining area, every day and even blends into special dinners. You may pair it with other pieces from the Fiore collection to provide an aesthetic finish. 

Another item from the collection would be Fiore ceramic thali, which lends a celestial backdrop to your meals with its hand-painted sky blue flowers. Use this as a platter for servings in your big events. 

Rustic sage ceramic dinner plate: Apart from flaunting their non-sticky property, ceramic dinner plates maintain food safety and perfect when serving a fare. The green tone of the Rustic sage ceramic dinner plate with a touch of earthiness makes it stand out at your dinner table. Pair it with other pieces from the collection to complete the look. 

Amber Love Dinnerware

Amber love ceramic dinner plate: This ceramic dish plate becomes quite a looker, on the table and is the twinkler at parties. It fit the bill for your everyday healthy lifestyle. It can be matched with other complementary pieces from Amber Love to complete the look. 

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Midnight Mango Wood Salad Bowl 

The 'Midnight Mango Wood Salad Bowl' is beautifully handcrafted and covered with food-safe lacquer. Be it any party or a feast - the black wooden bowl never fails to fascinate yet mingles well into your everyday. You may order the Midnight Wooden Salad Spoon Set to complete the look. 

Rustic sage ceramic serving bowl (large) 

The bowl is perfect for serving morsels, a portion of rice or pretty much anything you want for your dining hall. The large ceramic serving bowl sits well on your table. It can be complemented with other pieces from the collection to complete the set. 

Amber love ceramic serving bowl 

The handmade bowl sits well on your table and suits every occasion. The Amber Love collection is inspired by Amber fossils. Make it a part of your home essentials. 

The dinnerware options available with the portal consider all the lifestyle choices ranging from stylish and chic to traditional and opulent. The dining table decor may include the brand's highlight, boi & gul salt & pepper shaker set of two, and multi-purpose, onyx mango wood; handmade baskets are quite a sight for the eyes. The basket may be used to keep fruits and also other snack items. 

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