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Cooking is a fun activity. For many of us, it is like therapy wherein we let go of all the stress and agony that accumulates in our mind throughout our day. It is an enjoyable hobby, but what discourages people from following it is the mess it creates.


Experimenting with new cuisine is an exciting task but the cleaning that one has to after that is no less than an arduous task. It is like a petty thing for daily cooks but the beginners, it is not only the station that they have to clean but their clothes as well.


The spill and splashes are very common during your initial classes in the cookhouse. You cannot afford those stubborn stains on your fancy clothes. Can you? Avoid them with beautiful, handmade aprons available at Ellementry.


Waffle Blue Kitchen Apron


This is one of the most obvious reasons why mothers at home and chefs in restaurants prefer to wear an apron. However, there are many other reasons as well.


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Prevents from the risk of infection

The clothes we wear the entire day have germs and dirt on them. We avoid eating outside food because of the fear of getting infected as the food is cooked in open and is exposed to every particle in the air around.


This rule equally applies to a home-cooked meal as well. The harmful bacteria on us can be easily transferred to the dish you are making. A simple habit of wearing an overall will go a long way.


No mess at all

The countertop tends to get dirty with all that you do on it. Occasional spill, oil splatters, water, it can all go on your clothes. Bet they would not go that easily. So why risk when you have a beautiful solution hanging on the hook?


Saves you from burns

Sometimes while garnishing or serving the special recipe that you have put together in the server set, it tends to overturn you. The steaming hot curry can result in intense burns. A pinafore is always the best option to eliminate every chance of such incidents. We may take it lightly but even a little prickly stings a lot.


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Here are some top picks to match your style.


Earthy cotton kitchen apron

The colour, the length, the design, everything in this piece is all about elegance. Soothing hue will keep your mood light and fresh all the time and its perfect length and breadth will save you and your clothes from all kinds of embarrassment. You may also buy the kitchen napkin set of the two of the same collection to complete the look.

Earthy Cotton Kitchen Apron


Kitchen Warrior

This cotton cloth is perfect for those who like to do everything in style. The chic colour, attractive and funky design will have your attention in one sight. It would act as a shield against all the spots.



The best thing is its dark shade will not make any types of marks visible. To have an entire look in your cookhouse, you can have an oven mitten, potholder and glove for the same assemblage. It comes in a lighter shade as well. You can choose as you please.


Maze cotton kitchen apron

There is no law that it has to be plain and boring. You can have different designs. This handcrafted piece is all about less is more. Its elegant look will speak for itself and will encourage you to have one at your place. A little extra on style never harms anyone.

Maze Cotton Kitchen Apron


Above are the reasons and some charming suggestions to protect you. But wearing them once in a while would not help you. One has to make it a habit to wear them every day. Apart from cotton, you can have them in varied material.


Cotton is the prime choice among people because of many reasons. It absorbs everything. It is easy to wash, and after every cleaning, it gets better and stronger. Some of them come with a big pocket while some of them do not.


You can keep spatulas, knife and other things in it. Make sure you clean them every day. Have at least two at your working platform. If one is dirty, you can use the other.


This simple piece of cloth makes a huge difference and also adds to your style. You may take it for granted but, it is an effective safety device.


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