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Gifts are items that we all look forward to getting. It gets tricky when we are at the giving end and not otherwise. The choice of buying presents such as housewarming gift items gets complex because of the multiple determinants influencing the presents getting purchased.

The different aspects that are taken into consideration while buying a gift are the occasion of celebration, relationship with the receiver and last but not least – the budget allocated for the gift.

Additionally, the gifts that we give and receive speak volumes about our personality and also lifestyle choices.

A new home brings with itself space where a family enters with the hopes of joy and love. Housewarming is an event social yet emotional for many. A housewarming event is an exceptional occasion for both the guests and the hosts. A guest list of housewarming parties would include people who share a significant part of our lives; in one way or the other.

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There are many options available online to get relevant housewarming gift ideas. If you are someone who gives importance to nature and an organic lifestyle, you might want to consider going through some great housewarming gift items available online at Ellementry.

The various eco-friendly housewarming gift ideas available with the trusted brand are:

Vanilla & lavender natural soy wax ceramic jar with wooden lid

This Vanilla & Lavender Natural Soy Wax candle is a complete eco-friendly candle, as it provides a clean burn with only fragrance released into the air. The candle is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

It comes in a stylish, handmade ceramic jar with a wooden lid. The stylish jar is also multipurpose as it may be used to keep other snacks after the candle melts. Its soothing fragrance makes it popular for gifting too, and hence it could be a perfect housewarming gift for your family and friends.

Frangipani wooden Roti box

The eco-friendly, Ellementry Frangipani wooden roti box is handcrafted and ensures food safety. The beautiful hand-painted flowers on the lid make it aesthetically pleasing too. It wears a coat of varnish and meets global food safety standards. The box is also used to keep chapatis in this wooden box.

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Kasa vase - Ecomix 

Ecomix is an artwork using eco-friendly materials like paper, glue and chalk powder. So, this vessel tends to flatter the new home deor without inflicting any harm to nature.

The ribbed patterns also make an exciting design that makes the vase looks good even without flowers inside. The new owner of this item may want to put their favourite dry flowers in it.

Onyx mango wood basket

The Onyx Mango Wood basket can give an upgrade to one storage routine with the eco-friendly and handcrafted mango wood basket. This basket also guarantees standard food safety. The beautiful matt black finish makes this a highlight for your fruit display or to keep the knick-knacks.

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Aura gold cutlery set of four 

The handcrafted Ellementry 'Aura Gold Cutlery Set of Four' has the perfect match for all the servings. The set is made up of stainless steel. The serving set consists of dining Spoon, fork, Knife and one teaspoon. The eco-friendly and food-safe matte finish supplements to the joyful glow to the tables and even add grace to the everyday dining. 

Aqua rustic ceramic serving bowl- large 

This large serving bowl set is perfect for serving nibbles, a portion of rice or pretty much anything the user wants to. The serving bowl sits well on your table.

Terracotta sprouter with wooden lid

Ellementry provides a range of options coming to a good housewarming gift. Terracotta serves the purpose as it leaves them with just the right amount of water to sprout, soaking in the excess.

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We ponder upon ideas one of the best housewarming gift ideas for friends and family when invited to any such event. The present that you give symbolizes your lifestyle choices - and sometimes also their importance in your lives.

Buying a new residence is one of the most prominent achievements in a family's life, almost like a vision come true. It is the reward of the ages of hard effort and struggle of a family to own a place.

A space that they can fondly call their home. One of the most important things to factor in, when buying a good housewarming gift is to know the owner's lifestyle preferences well.

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