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People do not need any special occasion to host a party. Organising a party for friends and family members is a delightful experience. A good host knows that along with the delicious food that he serves, tablewares are equally important. 

Not only the fancy serveware enhance the overall look of the dining table, but they also offer a beautiful dining experience.  Ellementry has a wide range of beautiful and eco-friendly tableware that will light up the dining ambience with elegance and style. 

As people have given a new meaning to hospitality, the dining experience is no more about feeding the guest. It is about making them feel comfortable, welcomed from all aspects. It suggests that the dining experience is truly an immersive and prominent aspect of your life now. 

Food Safe Tableware

Your tablewares speak a lot about you. It establishes the initial mood for the meal. Here are some reasons for getting the right and aesthetic ones for your table. 

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First impression

Why do you think most people like to eat at the restaurant? It is the ambience, table setting, and the hospitality of the staff that make you go again and again. The table setting is what attracts me the most. That is what you must ensure at your party. It can be done using antique-looking tablewares. 

Sets the mood for the meal

Everybody knows the presentation of the food on the plate makes and breaks the mood. No one likes to eat on a messy platter. The right tableware ensures that your vibe on the table remains happy and satisfied throughout the meal. It helps with the visual aspect and contribute to the overall theme of the gathering too. 

Functional purpose

It is the most convenient point. Of course, tablewares serve their functional purpose efficiently. But it is up to you to present the dish on their dedicated tableware. E.g. you cannot pour soup on a plate. 

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You will need a bowl for that. Be smart while choosing the plates and bowls. The good news is that market is full of different types and shapes of tableware that can help you serve dishes in the optimum quantity. Some of the functional purposes of ideal tableware are: 

    • Keeps the quantity in control
    • Keeps the food warm for long
    • Stores the food nicely, ultimately saving it from spills. 

Here are some popular tablewares lined for your next lunch gathering: 

Midnight mango wood bowl

Are your friends diet conscious? Do they like to have salad in their meal? Serve them in this beautiful midnight mango wood salad bowl. The bowl is coated with food-safe lacquer.

Be it any party or a feast, the black wooden bowl will never miss impressing the guests. You can use them on special days while it blends perfectly well into your everyday too. Buy the wooden salad spoon set to complete the look. 

Celestial brass tablespoon set of 4

This handcrafted celestial cutlery set is perfect for all kinds of meals. They are made from brass which is known to have anti-bacterial properties. All 4 spoons are durable and healthy. These celestial brass tablespoons will add a touch of royalty to the table. There is no harm in using them every day. One must feel special all the time. 

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Silver brass butter knife

Simple and striking, this sculpture piece is compatible with all kinds of meals. Its look is to die for. Beautiful design, and comfortable to hold with a smooth and bright mirror finish, your butter will spread on a piece of bread smoothly. The exquisite silver lacquering makes it everyone’s favourite. 

Matt silver water jug

You will need no other table accessory if you have this matt silver water jug on the dining table. Its shape and colour will make you fall in love on the first look. Get ready to receive innumerable complement and queries about the product. Everyone wouldn’t be able to help but ask where you got it from.

Matt Silver Water Jug

There are many more that you can have a look at only on Each product is 100% food-safe and nature friendly. Make your table look presentable and inviting at all the occasions with the best and alluring tablewares. 

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