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Crockery and cutlery are a significant part of every home. It allows us to serve and conveniently eat food. However, time is changing fast. We are well past the era when kitchen items used to be plain and simple. Now, we indulge in the art of hospitality. So, it makes sense to add some exciting and exquisite piece of Serveware items that makes dining a lavish affair. 

Ellementry is where your search for incredible home and kitchen items will end. Are you wondering what so special about this brand? Take a look at the handpicked products from Ellementry below and know what you have been missing out on. 

In Teak Wooden Tray

Have you been using the same old kitchen cutlery tray for serving till now? Well, you are not the only one because a majority of kitchens have conventional trays. But people are changing with the trend. Millennials are always looking for products that are exciting, useful and enhance the beauty of their home. 

Wooden Tray Serving

Not to forget, individuals want things that complement their personality. In teak wooden tray is a beautiful product and give your preparations a backdrop of wood when serving. It is super easy to clean and add another charm to your hospitality. 

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Linea Ceramic Serving Bowl

Everyone wishes to make a strong impression on their guests. However, even if guests are not a concern, we all deserve to enjoy a luxurious dinner time. Opulence not just comes from a lip-smacking dish but from the way it is served. Linea ceramic serving bowl is what adds to the lavish feel. 

Made from ceramic, the bowl is hand-painted, blending perfectly to every occasion. You can pair it with other products from the Linea collection to add a charming look to your supper table with a serving bowl set. It is also microwave and oven friendly so, you can put it and warm up the food swiftly. 

Carbon Ceramic And Wood Condiment Set

Spices are a part of every Indian kitchen. We love food that is rich in exotic flavours. But we do keep a seasoning set on the kitchen slab or dinner table to add to zingy taste as per our choice. Right from salt and pepper to pickles, we need a little something to enhance the taste of the food. 

So let’s make our condiment set more attractive with this carbon ceramic and wood condiment set. Complemented by a wooden tray, lid and spoons, it is a sight to behold. The perfect combination of ceramic and wood makes this set a product straight out of your fancy home magazines. 

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Knurl Terracotta Curd Setter

Terracotta is fast becoming the desired material, especially when it comes to kitchen items and decor. This is because it brings an earthy feel that is welcoming. It is also an ideal option during the hot summer months. 

You can make yoghurt in this curd setter to keep your body cool in the sweltering heart. When serving curd from knurl terracotta pot, your guests and family will also be keen to get their dose of good health. 

Fleur D'or Wooden Cutlery Stand

A cutlery stand is an essential item in every home and kitchen. You need a proper place to keep the entire cutlery so that it can be accessed at any time. However, a simple stand will not work. You must pick something that complements your style and kitchen.

Wooden Cutlery Stand


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Fleur d'Or wooden cutlery stand is the epitome of beauty. It is crafted from mango wood and has a gorgeous flower pattern on it. You can complete the entire set by going for other products from the Fleur D’or collection and bring that spring vibe to your space. 

Midnight Mango Wood Salad Server Set Of 2

Do you love enjoying a delicious salad now and then? There are many different salad options that one can indulge in these days, but serving it right is vital. Sadly, a lot of people are unaware of the fact that there is different cutlery used to serve the salad. If you are also someone who is still using the conventional ladles then it is time that you make a switch to midnight mango wood salad server set of 2. 

You can buy all these artistic crockery and cutlery with utmost ease and from the comfort of your home through The brand has a plethora of other exquisitely crafted items that you will fall in love with. 

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