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Women have always been versatile. They have the power to adorn different roles at the same time. She excels in everything. As the times are changing, the roles have also changed. Women today are standing strong and tall in various fields. They are outgoing and opinionated! Women are pursuing their passion.

She has interests outside and within her home and family. Substantial or solid character or quality that women adorn in the 21st century must be cherished. So, what would be a better way of gifting them a token of love?

There must be a woman of substance in your home. She must be doing everything she could for her family while maintaining a balance with her career. It is time that her efforts are rewarded. Let’s celebrate her strength, her humble nature, her eye for form and function and her love for handcrafted pieces with Ellementry’s gifting ideas.


Ellementry Gift Box

Savour Mint Eucalyptus Natural Soy Wax Filled Glass Jar With 2 Green Tea Cups

If she likes sipping her favourite drinks after a long exhausting day, then this gift set is made just for that woman of substance. The gift set has a candle made of natural, non-toxic soy wax that will create a natural aroma. The minty scent is perfect for those laid back hours. The set of two teacups that are a part of this gift set can be utilized for almost any beverage that she prefers.

As there are two cups, you can give her company and listen to all she has to say. Not only the gift but the time that you will give her will make her more than happy. Whether looking for a birthday gift 30-year-old woman or someone in her 20s, this set is perfect in every sense. 

The Earth Breakfast Set

Does the most important woman of your life have a habit of skipping breakfast? If yes, then you need to do something to change this habit once and for all. It is vital to have a hearty breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. When you gift her the earth breakfast set, she will look for every possible excuse to use it. The tea serving set has a subtle and pleasing blue colour. 

It consists of a mug, soup bowl and pasta bowl that can be easily repurposed. You can present it to her with breakfast in bed. She will feel delighted to see this sweet gesture. The earth breakfast set comes in a handmade reusable engineered wooden gift box. You can use that too for future gifting or even as a storage box.

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Neve Sage Jar Set Of Two

As we are getting more and more occupied in our work life, we have forgotten to eat healthily. If we do eat, we snack on unhealthy food items. Neve sage jar set of two can be perfect for you and your loved ones. You can fill it with healthy homemade snacks. 

It is also easy to carry and can be placed on your work station. Made from ceramic, it is perfect for prolonged storage. The wooden lid and hand-painted patterns add to its beauty. Fill it to the top with handmade savouries and then repack to gift it. The pure joy will come out of seeing these beautiful jars filled with delicious treats. 

Eclipse Ceramic Coffee Mug Set Of 2

Everyone likes to entertain guests and love their company. Things get even more enjoyable when you have the best cutlery and crockery to show off. If your woman of substance likes to entertain, then an eclipse ceramic coffee mug set of 2 is a superb gift for her. 

It will give her a chance to invite her friends over for morning or evening tea or coffee. The handcrafted and 100% food-safe cup is sure to please her guests. It is also a microwave-friendly product. So reheating won’t be an issue. The beautiful grey colour with black leaves pattern is a piece of art in itself. Enjoying a hot beverage in it with a wonderful company is sure to make her day. 

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After going through these thoughtful gifting items, you would be wishing to buy them all. The art of gifting couldn’t get any simpler than this. The items mentioned above capture the essence of utility and fine art. The best part is that you can easily buy them all from 

Your chosen gifts will come in a beautiful handmade gift box that can be repurposed in various ways. This way, there will be no wastage, only love! Love for that beautiful woman in your life and nature. 

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