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Monsoon cloud and a cup of hot steamy tea make a perfect combination. It is always mesmerizing to sit on the balcony and enjoy the rainfall with a cup of tea in hand. As soon as the monsoon comes up, the tea intake goes up. Sipping it in the morning and evening gives an active kick. 

The season feels incomplete without asking for the beverage served with hot and crispy fritters. Indians are immensely fond of the drink, and this fondness reaches some other level in the monsoon season. Make and enjoy your high tea with your family and friends using the sustainable and handcrafted serveware of Ellementry. 

When someone says tea, a picture might pop in your head. It is an image of you sitting with your friends with a cup in hand, laughing your hearts out as you share and remember your moments together. That’s the magic of this drink. It also comes with happy memories and also acts as an opportunity to brew more over it. 

Tea & Coffee Mugs


Monsoon has a love and hate relationship with people. Some love it beyond imagination, while some do not step outside when it rains. But, whether or not you love it, you cannot deny that everybody, including you, craves a delicious and warm tea with some snacks to go with it. First sip, and a feeling of ultimate comfort run down your spine. Isn’t that right! The drink sets the tone for the season. 

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If you are a chai-lover then, you must be familiar with the term ‘high-tea.’ Why don’t you organize one at your home? Invite some of your close friends over and serve them with tea and a handmade snack. 

It is a lovely way of bonding with people. High-tea has always been considered a great tradition wherein the entire family sit together at the table and enjoy their food with a cup of tea. 

Coffee Mug Ceramic


You can serve it on your lawn or, a balcony would also work if it is large enough to welcome multiple visitors at the same time. A minimalistic decor will work wonders for you. Hang up the fairy lighting; put your best and fluffiest cushions on the sofa sets or the chairs. 

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Bring out your special cutlery collection and cover the table with the decor complementing the table runner. If you do not have a nice looking set for serving the drink, do not fret. Here are some options that might help you welcome your guest with everything from décor to serveware on point. 

Aqua rustic ceramic teacup saucer

If you are one of those who value nature a little bit extra than the others then, serving your guests in this nature-friendly cup will suit your personality. Serve your guests in the cup with a backdrop of aquatic tones blended with hints of earthiness. Not only these cups will serve their conventional purpose effortlessly, but they will also bring the factor of elegance to the table. 

Aqua Rustic Ceramic Tea Cup Saucer


Indigo stamp ceramic green teacup

A few of your friends might like to have green or herbal tea. You can’t serve them in an ordinary-looking cup. Use this beautiful indigo stamp ceramic green teacup to serve them their favourite beverage for better health and immunity. It is an organic teacup that can be paired with other items from the collection to create the mood for a breakfast spread. 

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Grey metal tea set

Doesn’t it feel royal and luxurious to pour the favourite drink of all from a beautiful teapot? Get every bit of such a feeling with this heavenly grey metal tea set. The pot comes with a stylish cup. It is perfect for a homely tea gathering like high tea. Use the product and add a pop of colour to conversations. 

Sola tea set ( 1 cup, 1 bowl, & 1 platter) + engineered wooden box

There is no harm in enjoying a high tea alone in the company of relaxing wind and soothing rainfall. Pour yourself your favourite flavour tea, serve yourself some of your best handmade snacks and bring them both to the table together using the platter. 

This handcrafted teacup comes with a nut bowl for a side of nibble and a platter to keep both of them intact. It is also an appropriate gifting idea for family and friends. 

Enjoy monsoon high tea with Ellementry. Shop your favourite products and give you tea time a whole new avtaar. 

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