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Summer is here. It’s time to get your lush lawns ready for the season. Bring out those boho swing chairs and hang them on your porch to enjoy the weather. Excuse yourself a day from your busy schedule and go on a picnic with your family.

Ellementry, a brand dedicated to handcrafted and sustainable tableware, offers an exquisite collection of kitchen products that are perfect for taking along on a picnic. 

Unfortunately, our hyper-active lifestyle has restricted us inside the four walls. We work, eat, sleep and live within a limited area. Somewhere down the line, we have forgotten how exciting life used to be when summer was all about stepping outside carefree.

Summer, today, is defined by sunscreen, tan, heat, and dirt. Let’s drop all these made-up perspectives and live our golden old days once again with Ellementry. 

Invite your friend over lunch and set up a table on your lawn with a beautiful tableware set. Sit together and discuss anything and everything. Do outdoor summer activities with your kids.

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Let them know how outdoor activities are a lot more fun than their indoor digital games. Go on short trips with them. Pack some food items and give them the best summer vacation of their life. 

The artists at ellementry design and create unique, nature-friendly items that would be perfect for a lunch get-together on a beautiful sunny day.

The taste of rustic luxury

Aqua rustic ceramic plate: Perfect to serve dishes of all kinds, Ellementry’s ceramic plates are the attention catchers at a party. Their aquatic tone with a hint of earthiness makes them stand out from all your dinnerware and tableware collection. Using them to serve your guests would give you a feeling of luxury and pride.

These are specially handcrafted to enhance the table décor with their minimalist look. Their charm lies in the fact they are made from 100% nature-friendly material and offer an extra-ordinary rustic look. To complete the look, you can visit the site and see other items of aqua rustic ceramic collection.

Go Green: for the outside as well as the inside.

Zest wooden salad bowl with server and lid: It is a fact that the majority of people today are more concerned for their health and fitness than ever. Their diet is selective and standardized. Interestingly, people have now started going vegan in their diet.

However fancy it may sound, it is to be admitted that eating salads is not something that the majority of people do willingly. But when the organic green veggies with healthy sauce and tofu are served in beautiful salad bowls, it makes them look delicious. One can’t stop himself from tasting them. 

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Ellementry’s zest wooden bowl is the best handcrafted, nature-friendly gift item that you can give to your health-conscious friend or family member. These bowls make the food look more tempting than ordinary bowls. These come with a lid to keep it fresh & safe and a server to avoid unwanted spills during serving.

Summer & hydration go together.

Sienna terracotta carafe with lid: It is important to keep yourself hydrated in summer. When you step out of your house on a sunny day, you must carry your water bottle. An ordinary bottle would not go with your style.

Ellementry’s terracotta carafe with a lid is perfect to carry with you anywhere you want. These carafes are very convenient to carry. It has the cooling retaining property which keeps the water cool for a longer period. 

These carafes are perfect to put on the table during lunch. You can complete the look with Ellementry terracotta tableware glasses. Consider them as your portable earthen pot as they serve the same purpose and benefits the users. They revive a cultural value and keep your water cool and fresh all along.

Summers are to be enjoyed despite heat and sweat. There are many ways you can do that. If not lunch, call your friend in the evening and serve them some snacks and a glass of cold coffee in ellementry’s kitchenware products.

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