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We all are great fans of stunningly beautiful and useful products. Homemakers buy several kitchenware products, tableware, serveware and decor items for their home so that their space stands out from the rest. 

To meet the rising demands for such goods the manufacturing process is happening in full swing, using non-renewable resources more than before. But does this fact worry us at any point? No! We are busy using the products rather than thinking about what materials are makers using for the manufacturing process. 

For us, looks and price are what matters over our environment. Even if it hits your conscious at some level, how many kitchenware or décor brands you know that also use the waste left during the manufacturing process and make something useful out of it? If you don’t know any, then let us introduce you to one brand that has brought in a new material that is ‘Ecomix’. Ecomix Vase

Ellementry, since its inception, has aimed at offering sustainable products, however, without compromising on beauty. Sustainability lies at the core of this brand, and this is why they even use the waste raw material and products that pile up after manufacturing completes.

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The zero-waste practice does well for our environment, but we also get something out of it. Spectacular tableware products that can elevate the way your space can look. Furthermore, when you add ecomix products to your home, you will get something to boast about. 

Ecomix is like a paper mache technique that we all have practised during our school days. The leftover waste is mixed with other elements to make a sturdy enough material that can be used to give shape to beautiful products.

The beauty of the items is further intensified by the talented artisans who hand-paints them. One thing is for sure that no two products will be completely identical. Now, let’s talk about some chic and stylish eco mix products offered by Ellementry.  

Akoda Grey Ecomix Cutlery Stand

If you loved paper mache as a child and made many things using this technique, then you would also love the akoda grey ecomix cutlery stand. You can either place it in your open kitchen or dining table. 

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This stand is not something to be hidden away in a closet. The elegant colours and natural texture add a new vibe to this simple yet vital piece of tableware. You can buy multiple pieces to use as a pencil holder and even place some flowers inside it. 

Akoda Storage Box With Wooden Lid- Ecomix

Another great product in the ecomix category is the akoda storage box with a wooden lid. It makes a perfect addition to the dinner table, centre table or console table. You can fill it with your favourite snacks to enjoy a handful on the go. 

If you have kids in your home or guests coming over, fill it to the top with sweets so that no one can miss this delightful treat. It can also be used as a stationary items holder, jewellery or anything else that you desire. 

Vama Vase – Ecomix

Have you been looking for a vase that is spectacular and truly magnificent in every sense but unlike conventional products? Your search ends right at Vama vase – ecomix. Made ecomix material, it is an environmentally friendly product and stunning enough to enhance the beauty of your home. 

It is white, but if you are an artistic soul yourself, colour or paint it the way you like. It will be a blank canvas that you can either use in its subtle beauty or add your charm to it. The ribbed pattern makes an exciting design. So you can place it anywhere in your home or office without the need of adding fresh or dried flowers to it. 

If you want to make a contribution to your environment and teach the new generation the importance of going eco-friendly, then you must choose ecomix and sustainable material products. 

There is no need to compromise on the quality or beauty of the product because Ellementry has the best items for your home. The handcrafted products speak of who you are and well deserve a place in your home. So, shop for ecomix products at, today! 

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