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An actual family gathering happens around the table, and it is one of the most precious moments you spend with your loved ones throughout the day. Moreover, these crucial moments get even beautiful and memorable with beautiful placemats.

Placemats add a new flavour to your table setting with their lucrative colour, designs, and properties. Placemats are available in varying forms, such as ceramic, plastic, and even china. Placemats help you keep your table clean and functional.

In this article, you will get to know everything about placemats. You will understand their use, types, sizes, and even their cleaning methodology. Therefore, keep reading and get to know about this fantastic around the table commodity. Visit Ellementry to check out the best placemats to buy.

Table Placemats


What’s the purpose of placemats? 

Sometimes, the appeal is more important than the experience. For instance, you may want your guests to find your dinner party appealing. Therefore, for that, you make your table attractive through placemats.


Moreover, placemats are not just a decorative accessory around the table but a conversation starter, a status symbol, and a scene setter on your dining table. Placemats are built with elegance and enhance the look of your dining table. 


They have plenty of purposes around your table about which you'll know later. We, at Ellementry, have a vast collection of placemats for all the goals. Visit now.


Variation in sizes of placemats 

Whether you need it customized or go for a readymade one, a placemat fulfils all your shapes and sizes desires through its abundance of diversification in properties. You can get your placemat in any form or size, regardless of limitations. However, if you opt for a readymade one, here are the available choices:

  • Square shape placemat
  • Rectangular shape standard placemat
  • Round placemat
  • Custom shape placemat 
  • Oval shape placemat 

    The collection of placemats at Ellementry shop is also diverse in terms of shapes and sizes. 

    Why you need a placemat? 

    As said above, a placemat is used for a wide range of purposes that includes but is not limited to: 

    Impressing guests at your restaurant 

    If you own a hotel or a restaurant, then a placemat is a boon for you. That's because your customers can be really messy sometimes. Customers might leave food stains on your expensive furniture. However, with placemats, you need not worry because they help to prevent stains on your furniture.

    Apart from customers, placemats also reduce the efforts of your employees by making it easier to clean the table and make it ready for new customers. Therefore, placemats also increase the overall productivity of your restaurant. 

    Talking about appealing, a placemat that has a great design in the form of abstract art can engage your customers in your restaurant. Moreover, you can even make a great interior design with placemats to make persistent customers.

    Decorate your dining table 

    The benefit of your dining table decoration might sound visible to you, but its interests will surely amaze you. Moreover, the purpose of placemats can go beyond just impressing guests and can even extend to further advancements.

    For instance, there are some placemats that define the position to keep the utensils. Therefore, your guests can take help from it and place their plates efficiently. Hence, the plates will take less space at the dining table and make the whole experience better. 

    Once again, guests at your home can be a little messy sometimes. After all, your guests know it will only cost you to get that expensive furniture cleaned. Therefore, to protect your furniture from stains, you must use a placemat. 

    Educating your kids

    There are a lot of placemats that have educative content as their designs. For example, you may come across a placemat design with alphabets or numbers. Therefore, a placemat is an ideal object of educating your kids while they enjoy their snack.

    Moreover, you know how hard it is to stop your child from spilling the food. Hence, make sure your toddler's fun doesn't cost you bucks by opting in for a placemat. You and your toddler both will surely love it.

    How to place placemats beautifully? 

    As said above, the purposes of placemats can vary greatly. Therefore, the placement of placemats also changes along with their objectives. There are a lot of ways in which you can place a placemat. Not only on the dining table, but placemats can enhance the beauty of several other places at your home.

    Therefore, make sure you keep experimenting with your fantastic looking placemats. Moreover, for helping you to start off with your placemats right away, here are some ideas for you to replicate or adapt in your existing strategy:

    • You can add up contrasting and bright colours to your table with offset cutlery. This way, you can add an accent the overall table setting with bright colours of placemats
    • You can design your meal according to the seasons by going for plastic and vinyl placemats. Plastic and vinyl placemats are available in spring and summer designs. Therefore, you can design your table according to the seasons with placemats.
    • You can add a flavour to your holidays by using gold and silver placemats and enhance the beauty and prestige of the dinner table.
    • You can even go for paper placemats if cleanliness is your primary goal or motive. Paper placemats are the easiest to clean, and your kids can also draw over it.
    • If you are a work from home kind of guy and looking for something to enhance the look of your home office, then you can go for leather placemats. Leather placemats are thicker and better for writing and resting especially when you use them for a long time
    • There are a lot of attractive shapes available in placemats. Therefore, you can let your creativity choose a fantastic design out of the ways that can catch one's eyes easily
    • If you have cabinets at your home, then you can easily add a unique accent to them by using silk or lace placemats
    • You can even go for a custom printed placemat if you have a restaurant. You can get a print of your restaurant name or logo or choose an attractive design of your choice
    • In a nutshell, there are a plethora of ways to use a placemat and enhance the quality of your dining. Therefore, make sure you keep experimenting with these seven and your own styles. Moreover, if you need great placemats, then make sure you look at the Ellementry website.

     Cleaning methodology of placemats 

    There is no proper form of dining, and stains always come hand in hand. Therefore, a placemat is an evergreen utility to prevent an enormous mess. However, you cannot just take a scrub and start scrubbing all over the mat. You'll need to follow a proper method for each type of placemat.

    For example, plastic placemats can be cleaned by simply wiping off the dirt from them. Moreover, the placemats made of linen need to be washed in a washing machine. However, synthetic placemats can also be washed in washing machines, but the water temperature is different for each type.

    The takeaway 

    Whether you add a painting or some greenery, your dining table is always empty without a placemat. Therefore, make sure your dining table meets its companion (placemat) by browsing the fantastic collection of placemats at the Ellementry shop.

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