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There is a plate for everything! A plate is a concave, broad, and a flat vessel used exclusively on dinner tables. They form an integral part of a dinnerware. People used to eat off of large seashells, gourd halves, and leaves, before the invention of modern plates. It all started with clay! The invention of clay gave rise to the invention of ancient pottery dinnerware. Trenchers, made from hard bread, were a casual dinnerware used during medieval times. Later these trenches were redesigned to hold sauces, meals, and salt along with loaves of bread. 

Even during the medieval times, a separate trencher was used, post-meal, to serve delicacies and cheeses. With technological advancements, new processed plates came into existence. While attending an event, you may come across different types of plates and cutlery. Understanding their significance and usage on a dinner table is essential to maintain your table etiquette. Do you know that plates can be classified into four categories? Keep reading on to more about it!

Classification of plates

  • Dinner plates - Dinner plates are used exclusively to serve large meals of the day. They are used to help the main course meals. The average measurement of a dinner plate is around 11 or 12 inches across. A side plate generally accompanies it. Side plates are used to serve side courses like bread, cookies, and fruits and keep the meals clutter-free. 


  •   Temperature resistant – This is an essential feature of a high-quality dinner plate. People should avoid consuming food in the plates that are not temperature resistant. It can have a hazardous effect on their health.
  •   Impact-resistant – No one wants to invest in fragile dinner plates, and manufacturers understand their concern. They are the first plates used in a household, and therefore they are known to be durable and impact resistant. 
  •   Corrosion-resistant – The quality dinner plates offered by Ellementry are corrosion resistant. These are safe with acidic, alkaline, or chlorine food items.

Best dinner plates

Dinner plates should be such that they can multiply the aesthetic appeal of the food served in them. It would be best if natural colours like wooden brown and white are picked while selecting the dinner plates. Wooden colours add a natural flavour to the food, making it more grounded and appetizing. One can also choose red-coloured dinner plates to make the food look more enriching. Shapes don’t matter until and unless the food served is offering the essential flavours to the guests. 

  • Dessert plates - Also known as the luncheon plates, dessert plates are one of the vital parts of the dinnerware. They are found in sizes ranging from six to eight inches. These plates are an essential addition in both formal and informal banquets. As the name suggests, ‘dessert,’ their prime motive is to serve desserts to the guests. They are also be used to serve snacks and appetizers at weddings and parties. 


  •   Spill-proof – Desserts usually come in a semi-liquid form, and therefore, they are designed in such a manner that they are spill-proof. 
  •   Durable – Dessert plates offered by Ellementry are durable and long-lasting. You can completely trust the quality provided by the brand.
  •   Can handle both hot and cold textures – The majority of the dessert dishes are served in both hot and cold textures. A good plate is the one that can handle both the temperatures without releasing any toxins. 

Best dessert plate

The best dessert plate will be the one that will serve the purpose of the food item served. Going for curves and bowled-shaped will be a better choice for households. However, choosing flat and square-shaped ones will add to the grandeur of the event. The best colours in this category will be darker shades that will enhance the vibrancy of the dessert. 

  1. Bread and butter plates - Bread and butter plates make an essential part of the breakfast table. As the name says, it is used to serve bread and butter during breakfast events. They are also referred to as side plates or quarter plates as they placed next to the cutlery. Its size is somewhere around six to seven inches in diameter. 


  •   Durable – Bread and butter plates come in durable and sturdy design as they are a regular item in a household. You should always invest in a good brand like Ellementry to get safe and impact-proof plates.
  •   Flat – These plates are usually flat in design as they are meant to carry different types of bread only.
  •   Designs – Market is loaded with different shapes and patterns in this category.

Best bread and butter plate

Generally, bread and butter plates come in plain colours like white and cream shades. Introducing bright colours like red and black can add a fresh look to the regular tea sessions. 

  1. Other plates - Plates like soup plates, salad plates, appetizer plates, cheese plates, fruit plates, and tea plates come under this category. They are available in different colours, shapes, and sizes. The usage of these plates ultimately depends upon the purpose they are used. For instance, shorter soup plates are used for formal dinners. Regular soup plates have an arch at the top.

Similarly, the large size of salad plates (22 cm) is used to serve more guests, while smaller sized ones (20 cm) are used to cater to smaller groups of guests. Appetizer plates, too, come in different sizes, starting from 17 cm. These plates have a curved tip sans any indentation. It is a smaller version of the bread and butter plate. 

Essential tips for purchasing dinnerware

Follow these simple tips and select the right dinnerware for your household. 

  • Utility – Utility is the primary consideration while purchasing a dinnerware. Ask yourself a question; How will you utilize them? This will help you in identifying the right set in the first go. Avoid choosing the sets that are too fancy and don’t solve your purpose. Similarly, going for regular everyday sets will also make your table look dull and boring. 
  • Size – We Indians consider our guests as God. One should always have the right size of dinnerware to serve ample food to their guests. Your plates and bowls should be large enough to contain sufficient food for everyone sitting on the table. Try investing in different sizes of dinnerware for other kinds of events. For instance, use a smaller size for formal feats, while larger ones for family feasts. 
  • Colour and durability – You should always go for unique and eye-popping colours when you are serving your friends and family. On the other hand, go for neutral and monochrome designs for formal feasts. Minimum research before buying a dinnerware will be an added advantage. Make sure they can be used in microwave, oven, and dishwasher as well.

Food is the medium that connects people from diverse cultures. It should be all about fun. Serving meals in vibrant coloured and unique shaped plates can give a dramatic touch to the table. One can also experiment by serving food in individual shaped plates. Unevenly shaped dinnerware always becomes a centre of attraction and a topic of discussion. A beautiful and eye-catching handmade dinnerware set from Ellementry is enough to lift the mood of the guests. Happy Eating!

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