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Wall hooks may look very small things to you but it can leave a big impact as your kitchen wall decor. A wrong wall hook that does not go with your kitchen decor can spoil the look of your kitchen. For example, a wooden wall hook on the grey color wall or Metalic color wall will definitely not look good. It’s always good to look for the right match for your kitchen wall decor. Today we will help you to buy exciting kitchen wall hooks for 2020. The following are some of them that you can easily purchase from our Ellementry website. We have a collection of classic wall hooks that can add additional yet minimalistic charm to your kitchen.



  • A wooden wall hook with a knob: Organisation in your kitchen can be elegant with the help of such hooks. These kinds of wooden hooks stick well in your kitchen are perfect for hanging aprons, carry bags, hand towels, etc. It’s cleaning is also very simple. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it off after. They are available in a vibrant color base such as yellow, brick red and blue. Check out our Ellementry's website for a wide variety of colors in it. They can be used in the kitchen with some woodworks such as wooden cabinets of the kitchen. The knob of the hook perfectly matches with woodwork and the base color brightens up its look.  It’s look makes it perfect for kitchen wall decor.  


  • Intersections natural wooden wall hook: It is a clever approach to organize a kitchen with a natural wooden wall hook. Its designs go well with the kitchen tiles design. Hence, they become an integral part of your kitchen design. As discussed earlier, wooden hooks always go well with the kitchen, especially with the wooden cabinets. You can find a variety of shapes, designs, and colors in it on our Ellementry website. Don’t worry if your woodwork color doesn’t go with the wall hook shown in the picture below. We have almost all the shades of wood in this wooden wall hook on our website available. 


  • Metal hooks: Metal hooks never go wrong due to its lustrous shine and grace. They look beautiful and elegant when used for kitchen walls. They will perfectly go with the metallic finish of your fridge. They are available in gold, black and silver shade. Have a look at some of the elegant pieces on our Ellementry website. 


  • Theme based metal wall hook: Metal wall hooks always look good due to its shine. How about some golden butterflies in your kitchen? Some people like having a kitchen theme for which they require a particular species and color. For example, people who like butterflies, they like having butterflies print wallpaper, butterflies print on their tissues and butterflies hooks. There is one more style available in it which also looks great and that is, a rabbit wall hook.  These are available in gold, silver, and black metallic colors. You can choose the type of metal as per your reference. 


  • A ceramic wall hook with a knob: Knobs do look pretty and attractive as a wall hook. If you don’t believe, check out our red ceramic wall hook. Ceramic wall hooks look like a small piece of artwork. They come in bright as well as subtle colors. Brighten up the dull-colored kitchen walls with such a hook and see the difference in the whole kitchen wall decor. It is very easy to clean too. It also gives a very classy look. 


  • Designer ceramic wall hook: This designer handcrafted ceramic wall hook will give you earthen feels. It looks traditional and lively. The beautiful design on it makes it look very attractive and impressive. This beige color ceramic wall hook with green color design on it will look very pretty on a green colored wall. Such wall hooks are easy to maintain. A little warm water, mild soap, and a sponge are required to clean it. 


  • Dog tail hooks: This dog tail wall hooks look very cute. Look at the beautiful blue color. If you are a dog lover, then this is definitely for you. If you are looking for some bright color hooks for your white color kitchen wall and don’t want to go for colors like red or yellow, then this is a very good option. Their shape gives more space to hang things on a single wall hook. 


  • Wall hooks with a shelf: Wall hooks with a shelf are preferred by many people. It creates extra storage space in the kitchen. People love it because they can place plants, bottles or any other showpiece above the wall hooks. They can make it look like a kitchen wall decor. It is a good choice as it gives you an opportunity to do alterations as per your needs. 


  • Tree branch style wall hook: It is a beautiful and designer wall hook which looks amazing in the kitchen. Its vertical look makes it a unique piece. If you are looking for something extraordinary, you should definitely go for this one. 


  • Wooden panel-based metallic hook: The idea behind using such kind of hook is that it can be customized with the help of a carpenter as per your kitchen decor. The printed background used in the panel can be made matching with kitchen cabinets. For example, the same paint or designer sheet can be used for this kind of wall hooks which is used for kitchen cabinets. If your cabinets are white with some strokes on it. You can use the same pattern for the base of this hook panel.  


These were the few ideas for you to buy kitchen hooks. Kitchen hooks not only help you organize your kitchen better but also add an extra touch to your kitchen walls. With a variety of designs available in the market, you will want to not leave your kitchen wall plain and simple. Visit Ellementry today and check out the stylish hooks.

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