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You have recently graduated as a pâtissier and now you want to open your cake store! You have just the right décor in mind, to suit your store, and have even made your cake website. However, all this is left is buying the cake stand. 

Now, you might think, that you bake good enough to make Duff Goldman proud, but you need to know that simply baking good cakes won’t get customers to your store. In order to make your cakes sell worthy, you need to have the right equipment as in the cake stands. 

However, there are so many options available in the market. So, how do you find the right cake stand? Well, worry not! We will tell you just how! 

Today, this blog brings to you a short guide on trending cake stands! So, give this a read, and pick the cake stands most suited to your purpose and personality. 

Let’s Get Started! 


  • Two-Tier Cake Stand 


Two-tier cakes are quite popular for weddings or anniversaries. Therefore, to support these big cakes, it is best to invest in a two-tier cake stand. These feature elegant and quaint designs are ideal for supporting heavy cakes.  

What's more? If you pick stainless steel or wooden two-tier cake stand, these can effectively hold a cake without the risk of spillage. Additionally, minimalistic cakes look grand on a stainless-steel two-tier cake stand. 

You can check out various kinds of two-tier cake stands from any home décor or bakery websites. However, websites like Ellementry feature the best collection of cake stands. 


  • Fleur d'/ Wooden Cake Stand 


Do you like floral minimalistic designs? If you do, then this Fleur d'/ Wooden Cake Stand is one thing you should check out. This one is also a two-tier cake stand, which is handcrafted and made from wood.  

It is simple, elegant and is ideal for giving your sweet and savoury dishes a light lift. What's more? This cake stand comes with good designs, so it is ideal for any kind of parties or social gatherings. Additionally, this cake stand is made of natural wood and comes with a dimension of 28 cm x 28 cm x 31.75 cm. Therefore, this cake stand is long-lasting too! 

  1. Aurora Cake Stand 

If you have a knack for making minimalistic cakes, then you should opt for investing in the Aurora cake stand. This one features a marble slab supported by three wooden hinges. This is ideal for supporting single or double-layered big cakes. 

What's more? Even though this cake stand looks heavy, it does not weight much. Additionally, the 3-supportive hinges help in keeping the cake stand sturdy and secure. 

The dimensions of this cake stand are approximately around base 33 cm x 33 cm x 6 cm and the platter 30 cm x 30 cm x 0.5 cm. So, this cake stand can comfortably hold a large-sized cake too! 


  • Rotatable Cake Stand  


If you are a baker then this rotatable cake stand is one thing you should consider buying. This one flaunts a pristine wooden finish, with a rotatable head attached to a supportive hinge. It is very easy for the baker to place any cake on top of it and rotate it for cake decorations. 

For example, if you have to add whipped cream and design to your finished cake, this cake stand can help. All you need to do is rotate this cake stand accordingly to add your finishing touches.  

Now, to buy this rotatable cake stand, you can check out various shops online. Some of the best ones are available in shops like Ellementry. 


  • Ceramic Carbon Cake Stand  


Are you planning to bake the perfect cake for your parent’s anniversary? If you are, ensure to invest in a cake stand worthy of the grand cake. For this, we suggest you opt for the ceramic carbon cake stand.  

This one flaunts a hand-marbled texture against a soothing backdrop, which will make any cake look gorgeous. What's more? The ceramic carbon cake stand is celestial to look at. 

Therefore, galaxy-themed cakes would look pristine on this stand. You can get this type of cake stand from any trusted online cake shops. For best results, buy from a shop that is near your locality. 

The shops in your locality, usually offer genuine quality products. Additionally, go for stores that sell hand-crafted products as these tend to last for a long period. 


  • Mango Wood Cake Stand 


Another good option for buying cake stands is the mango wood cake stand. This one is made of pure natural wood and is also handcrafted. Faulting a two-tier body, this cake stand also features a minimalistic design. 

As a result, if you keep your cake on this stand it will look ethereal against any artistic backdrop. What's more? You can click pictures of this cake stand along with the cake and post it in your social media websites. 


  • White Marble Cake Stand  


One of the most gorgeous cake stands available on the market, this white marble cake stand is worth its price. 

This one flaunts a crisp white colour with delicate designs that make this cake stand out from the rest. Additionally, owing to its natural colours, this cake stand can flaunt any kind of cake. 

So, regardless of whether you are ordering a red velvet or a dark chocolate cake, it will all look fabulous in this white marble cake stand. 


  • Fiore Ceramic Cake Stand 


Last, but not the least, the Fiore ceramic cake stand is another winner you should not overlook. This one combines wood and ceramic and features a gorgeous cake stand ideal for one-tier cakes.  

The dimension of this cake stand is around 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 13.25 cm and hence, it can easily hold up a large cake. If you are buying this cake stand, ensure to place it against a good backdrop to breathe in its celestial feel. 

Well, now that you are aware of the trending cake stands, time to look at a few noteworthy pointers! So, before buying the cake stand, go through these: 

  • For a 10" cake, get a 12" diameter stand. 
  • For an 8" cake, you will need a 10" stand. 
  • For a 12” cake, you require buying a 14” stand. 

On that note, now that you are aware of the types of cakes stands available in the market, ensure to pick one that suits your personality and cake store. The ones mentioned above, are multipurpose and can last you a for a long time. 

So, don’t brood over the cost; a good cake stand will cost you around Rs:3000-4,500. So, depending on your budget and style invest away. Happy Shopping!

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