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Drinking glasses are great accessories to include in the bar to intensify the taste of your beverages when served to the guests. There are so many attractive styles and new designs of drinking glasses that are trending in the market to help you choose the favoured one for your bar. Gone are those days, when the beverages were served in the same old monotonous glasses. Nowadays, it is easy to anticipate for you as guests, the type of glass you will be served when you order your favourite drink at a party.

Mostly, drinks that require to be served cold are served in tall tumblers, while drinks without ice are served in stemware to keep the drink more exhilarating and fresh. The different types of glassware in the industry have created a huge impact on the nature of the beverage by improving the taste in adding an aesthetic charming look to the party table.

It is important to choose the right type of glasses for each drink to enjoy the authentic taste of the beverage.  Below listed are different types of beverage glasses to have in your bar.


  • Water and Cooler Glasses


Cooler glasses are used to serve simple drinks like water. They can also be used for serving all kinds of cold beverages. The capacity of these glasses ranges from 10 to 25 ounces to hold different drinks.


  • Juice Glasses


As the name states, these glasses are primarily used for serving juices in the party table. They look small and best suited for serving fresh juices for brunch.

They come in attractive designs to strengthen bright juices and, go well with the party table. Sometimes, these can be used as substitutes for low-ball glasses due to their similar design. The height of the glass is roughly 5 inches and, carries a minimum capacity of 3 to 7 ounces. 


  • Rocks Glasses


These glasses are more prevalent in bars due to their ingenious design. The low-ball glasses come with a strong round base also, called as whiskey glasses as they were used for offering whiskey in bars in those days. Nowadays, these glasses are used for serving water in the table and, a good alternate for juice glasses when there is a high demand for glasses in the party.

Due to their thick base, the ingredients added are mixed well in the glass before the spirit is added. Hard-spirited cocktails taste perfect when served in these traditional glasses.


  • Tumblers


Tumblers are the generally used beverage glasses that can be used in any party table. Tumblers come in a variety of sizes ranging from 5 ounces to 30 ounces capacity. They are a good option for serving volatized drink due to the deep space within them.

Tumblers are distinguished with their straight design that includes a flat base and no stem.


  • Goblets


Goblet glasses are the ideal ones for serving iced-tea at parties for exciting guests. Goblets feature a wide bowl on the top with a short stem and, are a great choice for serving beers at high-end bars.

The normal height ranges from six to nine inches and, the bowl diameter is considerably larger. The capacity of the drink that can be contained in goblet glasses ranges from 10 to 14 ounces.


  • Mixing Glasses


Mixing glasses are compulsory and useful glasses in every bar for bartenders, as they make the mixing of the cocktails easier for providing a stimulating drink. These can also be used as regular drinking glasses for serving basic drinks with their tapered shape that opens up at the end.

If you are looking forward to changing your bar to a better place, then buy these glasses for sure. The normal capacity of these glasses is 16 ounces, which, is very much enough to serve a refreshing drink.


  • Highball Glasses


These taller glasses are the best to keep the drink carbonated to serve them cold to the guests. A suitable glass for serving drinks with alcohol-base and, a lesser non-alcoholic mixer such as rum and tonic.


  • Martini Glasses


A smart iconic V-shaped glass with a stem that holds the wine graciously. Since drinks, which are stirred with ice, are served in it, the thin stem complements the taste of the drink without causing any evaporation of the wine.


  • Snifter


A unique glass that serves the purpose of offering aged brown spirits like whiskey, brandy, and rums. With its short-stem, the wine warms slowly and the can surge. The smallmouth of the glass retains the aroma of the drink inside too; provide a pleasant smell to the drinker as they enjoy each sip.


  • Irish coffee


The best-suited glass for serving Irish coffee or a Hot toddy. The glass is heat-resistant and, comes with a handle to provide a convenient drinking experience.


  • Margarita


A variant of the classic champagne coupe that is quite big enough when compared to a cocktail glass. This is the typical glass for serving frozen drinks and drinks with a margarita as the base.


  • Whiskey Sour


A comparatively smaller version of the wine glass that is the best fit for serving drinks with a spirit, a sweetener, a lemon, and Whiskey sour. The glass is created with a thick stem and narrow top to intensify the aroma of the drink.


  • Zombie


This 7-8 inches prolonged glass holds a maximum of 14 ounces of wine and best for serving mojitos. 


  • Cordial


A cordial glass is a standard wine glass with a refined look and holds less alcohol. The cordial is usually used to serve post-dinner cocktails at parties. They are small allowing the guests to enjoy the limited amount of drink for a long time due to their unusual taste.


  • All-Purpose Beverage Glass


This glass differs somewhat in the function when compared to mixing glasses also, in terms of look. They come with a textured pattern in the sides to add a chic statement to the party table and, lures the guests with their appealing look.


Different types of glasses are available in the market to provide a quality wine service to your guests. However, some of the glasses feature multi-purpose and, add so much elegance to your bar with their beautiful style.

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