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Recently, you might have read a blog that changed your perception of fruit pick pins. Now, who would have thought these could be the epitome of style, panache and functionality. However, you have a toddler and a baby in your home.

Now, truth be told, these fruit pick holders look great and smooth, but they also look kind of sharp. These resemble normal toothpicks, but the only difference is these fruit pick holders are these are thicker and shaped like a very thin longleaf.

However, thinking of the crisis, you might be rethinking of buying those fruit pick holders. But, regardless, even with toddlers, you can still buy the fruit pick holders. Want to know why?

Well, there are many new safety measures, you can undertake once you buy the fruit pick holder. Now, to find those out, why don’t you grab a drink and sit down.

Today, we bring to you, the safety measures of a fruit pick holder no one talks about!

Let's Begin


  • Keep the Holder Out of the Reach of Children


When the child is a baby, then you cannot be too safe with any household products. You spend countless hours, checking wires, tuning of gases, keeping matchstick away, right? Now, since these are basic requirements you cannot do without, you must have found a way hide and keep these safe in daily life.

Similarly, it is not that hard to keep the fruit pick stand safe! All you need to do is take the fruit pick stand and keep it in a place higher than your toddler can reach.

The best idea is to keep it above your almirah or fridge, as these are quite hard to reach. Additionally, you can also keep this toothpick holder in a cabinet with the keys to yourself. This will prevent a toddler who is likely to roam the house from reaching the almirah.


  • Keep the Fruit Picks in the Stand 


Suppose you had a huge party last night, where you served alcohol, platters and fresh fruits along with your fruit pick! Now, after the party, you forgot to remove the fruit picks and left these carelessly in the living room; what do you think will happen?

Your child or toddler might mistake these items to be playthings and start playing with the. As a result, a lot can go wrong. Your toddler might poke him/her with the sharp ends of the fruit pick, and it can cause him to bleed. In worse cases he might chew the fruit pick and harm his underactive gums, or he can end up poking his eye.

Therefore, to avoid such scenarios, firstly, ensure to keep the fruit picks all in the fruit pick stand. Next, keep these stands in an elevated height, and lock these up for safety.


  • Go for Wooden Fruit Picks


The next thing to keep in mind is to opt for buying wooden fruit pick stand in comparison to regular fruit pick stand. The reason being wooden fruit picks are safer, and less likely to cause much damage if kept securely. 

What's more? These wooden fruit picks are made of 100% natural wood, and do not contain any pollutants in them. Thus, even if the child touches it under supervision, he or she won’t be inhaling any harmful chemicals or toxic substances.

What's more? If you buy the teak wooden fruit stick stand, you can make it last for ages. This one is very finely crafted, simple and easy to use and durable too.

Therefore, if you are buying opt for the teak wood fruit pick stand. To get this one, you can search online websites and many other stores. However, if you want to find the accurate design and product, you can check out websites like Ellementry.


  • Educate Your Child on Safety Hazardous


If you have a toddle, then it is crucial that you keep your fruit pick holder safe and out of the reach of your toddler at any cost. However, if you have a child aged around 8-10, it is best that you educate him and her about the necessary safety precautions on the fruit pick holder.

You can talk about the ways to use fruit pick holder, along with educating him on the perks and cons of using a fruit pick holder. This includes the benefits of the fruit pick holders and what not to do with these.

For what not to do, you can mention points like:

  1. Do not poke anyone with the pointy ends of the fruit pick holder.
  2. Do not poke yourself with any of the pointy heads of the fruit pick holder.
  3. Do not throw the fruit pick holder and do not band it against a wall for fun.
  4. Always remember to keep all the fruit pick holders in its respective box of places

On that note, if you do educate your child on the necessary safety measures, chances are he/she will be careless and can end up injuring others as well as themselves. Therefore, ensure to follow these tips, before you buy that coveted fruit pick stand.


  • Do Not Leave Your Fruit Pick in Nearly Accessible Places


Once you are done using the fruit picks, ensure to keep these in their respected stands, and do not leave these strewn about carelessly. If anyone were to accidentally step on these, they can trip. 

Also, as mentioned above, keeping these fruit picks in accessible places, can mean trouble if you have toddlers. Therefore, do the needful and like you secure the scissors, secure the fruit picks and you can use these whenever.

On that note, now that you are aware of the safety precautions when dealing with a fruit pick, let’s discuss why these are popular!

  • People who use fruit picks depict impeccable table manners. These people are very poised, create less mess while eating, and are good examples in the dinner table.
  • Fruit picks can also be used as items of decoration. You can decorate any part of your home with these, and even use these on your cake stands for improved decoration.
  • You can also use the fruit pick stand as a prop when you are doing food photography. This fruit pick stand placed beside a plate of artfully designed fruit will look very delectable and unique.

On that note, now that you are aware of the necessary safety precautions to undertake, make sure to invest in a good wooden teak fruit pick. You can look for an authentic fruit pick and any reputed home décor stores. 

However, if you are not finding a good option, you can check out online home décor stores like Ellementry.

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