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Water is like an ultimate gift from nature to us. Water acts as nectar for living beings. Water, which is formed naturally and is processed further for our consumption, is an exhaustive natural resource and should be protected at all costs. Water is the essence of the existence of living beings and constitutes 70% of the human body.

Drinking enough water is an essentiality of the human body, one which we are supposed to keep up. This transparent nectar undertakes the personal role of keeping the body hydrated and the organs healthy. But chugging down litres of water is not as interesting as reading about the benefits of water, and that is why to keep the motivation levels high, we are going to talk about table gifts that we can gift to friends who need to drink more water.

What are table gifts-

A study table or a dining table is a very personal space for a house or a family that includes personal or essential items. It is the most commonplace of the house where things are kept at the first chance. Thus, table gifts are those small essentials that are given to a person to make sure that things which matter are kept in front of the eye on the table. They can be as creative as you can imagine or as essential as you can think. One of the most basic but important table items is the water bottle or jug. Gifting a water bottle or a jug, to a friend to motivate him to drink more water, seems like one of the perfect gifts for him or her for their table. Other table gifts can be bottle stoppers, pen stand, pens, diary, etc.

Benefits of gifting a water bottle:

  • One of the best reasons to give a table gift a water bottle is to show that you care. This minute thing usually escapes everyone's attention, but if gifted, the gesture doesn't go in vain. 
  • The water bottle has broken every traditional concept and is available in a variety of ranges and at great deals. You can select the perfect water bottle suiting his personality from an arid display of copper bottle, stainless steel bottles, thermos bottles, glassware, bottles with corks or bottle stoppers, etc. 
  • Such kind of gifts makes an amazing collection for the person with you being remembered in it, every time he uses it. So, it’s a win-win for you. 
  • Gifting such minute essentials makes the person also put some effort into making the gift worth and thus makes him use the water bottle. This kind of gifting is like a perfect motivation for people to improve their particular habits.

Gifting water bottles:

Gone are those days, when fancy plastic water bottles used to be the most gifting items in our birthday parties. With glassware and ceramics and various metals coming into the picture, the old traditional water bottles have taken a back seat. Welcome the beautiful bottles that entered and allured the market with their make, their material, and their benefits. Let’s take a look at the types of water bottles that can be considered as the best table gifts. You can check out some of the best water bottles on Ellementry.

  • Glass water bottles come in every shape and size and is a perfect table gifting option.  The transparent body psychologically makes the user thirsty, making him drink for it. Its clean glass look acts as a good motivator to drink more water. Additionally, it helps in maintaining a stable temperature for the water. Glass water bottles can be bought, keeping the personality of the person in mind.

  • Copper water bottles act as one of the most perfect yet precious table gifts, mainly because of its health benefits. Drinking water from a copper bottle helps the body to strengthen its immune system and aid in digestion, amongst many others. Thus, drinking water and attaining all the benefits could be a huge boost for someone to drink more water. Maybe a list of benefits on a gift card along with the bottle might be even better. 

  • Steel water bottles are a hot favorite for many because of its durability and its ability to be man-handled without any care. Steel water bottles provide many benefits to the body as the steel also does the job of keeping harmful elements at bay. Also, the chance of contamination is really low, and the fact that it is unbreakable works perfectly for many. 

  • Bottles with filter is a growing trend and a fascination. This bottle is one of the most important table gifts that might go a long way as the person will drink water, and at the same time, because of its sleek, gym referring structure, someone might actually end up joining the gym to opt for a better way of life. Thus, by gifting such a gift, you offered him a new approach to life.

  • Water bottles with stoppers are a comparatively new addition to the family of trending water bottles. The bottle stopper is a cork-like structure that is fitted at the mouth of the bottle, giving it a very classic yet elegant finish—the fascination to open the cork and drink drives most of the people to drink water more often. You can buy bottle stoppers alone on Ellementry that your friends can use on their old bottles. The green bottle stopper available at Ellementry is one of the best gifts you can give to your friends.

And if nothing of the above works, there is always the option of customization with any possible texts or pictures to motivate your friend to drink water every time he or she sees the bottle. 

Gifting a table gift, that is, in fact, a bottle is a sweet yet effective gesture to friends who need to drink more water. With the array of designs available in the market, I am sure you will find the one that you are looking for. If you want to look up online for trending designs, then make sure you visit the Ellementry website, which contains a rare array of collectable homeware, that is sure to surprise you. Ellementry contains the finest collection of beautiful glass water bottles and rare collection like the 'Terracotta water bottle with sphere-shaped bottle stopper.' It also contains a delectable collection of bottle stoppers made up of ceramic, wood that is sure to find a place in your heart and on your table. 

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