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Invited for a party? Don’t forget to take a gift to give to your hostess. It is a basic etiquette and the gift should be such that it will treat the hostess and make her happy. While a bottle of wine is a fool proof and much appreciated hostess gift, there is a lot more you can do to bring a smile on her face and to ensure they remember you long after the party is over.

Here you will find some curated selection of gifts keeping a hostess in mind. She is an entertainer, and the limelight of the party. To guarantee and invite to the next dinner and show your gratitude, make sure you take a thoughtful hostess gift, keeping her preference and taste in mind.

Hostess Gift Etiquette

A hostess gift is not like your regular gifts. If not given the right way, it can cause more stress than a smile, something that you don’t intend to do at any cost. Here are some gift giving etiquettes to keep in mind:

  1. Plan the gift for future

When you take a gift meant for the hostess, do not take a food item or alcohol and expect it to be served or prepared immediately. Let’s say for instance, your hostess is serving a light meal, a heavy red wine will not be a good match for the same. Even if wine pairing is not much of a concern to you, she may be particular about it. The same way, if she is serving an Indian menu, bringing an apple pie will ruin her well thought of menu.

If you want to give food or wine as a gift, plan for the future and let the hostess know that it is meant for later. You can say, “here is a bottle of my favourite wine, thought you could use it after the party to relax!”

  1. Do not add more work for the hostess

While bringing flowers as gifts for a hostess may be a great idea, your hostess will have to stop what she’s doing and hunt for a vase to arrange the flowers in. If you really want to gift flowers, think of bringing a potted small plant or a small air purifier that she can use on her own discretion.

  1.   Do not expect your gift to be opened immediately

If you are taking a gift wrapped, do not ask her to open it immediately in front of the other guests. This may make the other guests uncomfortable or embarrass the ones who did not bring anything. Instead, be as discreet as possible when you hand over the gift and let the gift be opened at the hostess’s discretion.

  1.   keep the preference of your hostess in mind when selecting a gift

The gift to give to your hostess should please her, not you. Do not expect her to have the same taste as you do. Unless you know her well, do not buy hobby specific gifts and go for something generic like this in vogue set of two platters from Ellementry.

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to make your hostess happy!

  1.    A personally curated gift basket

Who doesn’t love a gift basket, right? A gift basket is a perfect hostess gift. If you know her well, get one curated keeping her taste in mind or give something like a tea or coffee basket or a relaxing spa hamper to make her feel special. Fortunately, there are various themes to choose from in the market.

  1.     A chopping board

With a good quality knife and chopping board set, anyone can be a chef. Your hostess is sure to appreciate this artistry chopping board and butter knife set from Ellementry.

Made with easy to care natural material, this set is sure to bring warmth to any kitchen. The board can be used from both sides, making it much more useful. Keeping your butter in this thoughtfully curated glass dish will multifold its desirability and add glamour to the dining table.

  1.     A coffee table book

When it comes to the rules about perfect hostess gifts, this one comes out as thoughtful and unique. While most coffee table books focus on a certain topic, they are still more of a neutral gift to consider. Of course, you can go a step further and pick a subject that your hostess enjoys.

  1.     A nice tea box

There is hardly anyone who does not enjoy a cup of nice tea. Gift her with this te amore gift box set from Ellementry that comes with two tea bag rests and one spoon made of brass. This bright orange coloured box let’s one store their teas in different compartments and will bring a smile on any tea lover’s face. If you are unsure of what gifts to give to your hostess, this one is surely a safe bet.

5.     A baking kit

Does your hostess love to bake? Create a bundle of a nice baking dish, bread and cookie mix and a nice set of oven mitts to complete the gift.

  1.   Condiment set

An extremely useful and handy gift, a beautiful condiment set does not disappoint! How about this ember condiment bowl set of two from Ellementry? This lovely piece comes in a contrasting colour combination and a wooden base. Perfect to match with any décor, this seems like an ideal hostess gift. The set comes in an engineered wood box, hence, no need to rush for getting it wrapped too. your gift will be remembered every time she uses it, can it get any better?

With this thoughtfully curated list of hostess gifts, your kindness will be cherished for a long time. For more ideas, you can check out .

What do you think of the list? Like the ideas? Feel free to share and do let us know what gifts would you like as a hostess?

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