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We cut cakes on birthdays, eat them when feeling down or low and even make it to surprise people and celebrate achievement. When a meal is finished, we often crave something sweet so that we can complete the course. But, if your love for cakes and other desserts is much more than this and you also like to prepare it in your kitchen, you deserve more than a simple plate to serve the cakes. Cooking and baking are some of the highest art forms, and ellementry believes that such skills should be celebrated with the best kitchenware and serveware items. As a result, they have an assortment of products, especially related to cakes and desserts, that people can choose from. But if you think that your cakes deserve a platform and must be showcased with love, then what you need is a handmade cake stand 

Marble Cake Stand

Marble Cake Stand


When you cannot get over the love for cakes and sweet desserts, you must take your passion or fancy to a new level. After all, when you serve and eat in style, its experience gives you the utmost satisfaction. This marble cake stand brings that oomph effect into your life, especially when planning a hi-tea. A beautiful piece handcrafted from marble and complemented by wood adds a delightful charm to any setting. The product's sturdiness will ensure that it does not topple over and keep your cakes and muffins safe. When you are not hosting a tea party, use it as a centerpiece for your fruit display. When edibles are placed on this stand, people would love to indulge. 

Glass Cloche With Marble Base Square

Glass Cloche Variations


If you want your cakes and muffins to stay fresh until the guests arrive, keep them side glass cloche with a marble base square. It is also a great addition to the dinner table as it elegantly presents edible. The moment your guests will come through the door and see sweet treats inside this glass cloche, they will not be able to resist lifting the cloche and taking a bite. 

White Marble Cake Stand With Wooden Base 

Planning on going low key with your table arrangement but without losing the charm? A white marble cake stand with a wooden base is an ideal option. It is one tier and has a sturdy wooden base that keeps the stand stable at all times. Marble & wood are in harmony to elevate the look of your space. The natural colour of marble does not overpower your desserts and make them stand out. When your sweet delights will be on this stand, everyone will extend their hand to grab a piece. 

Sheesham 2-Tier Cake Stand

Many people are in love with merchandise made from wood. When the products are of premium quality wood, it adds to the delight. So, if you are particularly looking for a cake stand that is chic and sustainable, then the Sheesham 2-tier cake stand online will steal your heart. Your desserts will get a lift and become a focal point, easy to locate even from far across the room. It has enough space to hold an assortment of desserts in style and elegance. After using it, rinse it with a mild detergent. The Sheesham wood will maintain its shine and lustre for years to come. 

Mango Wood Lazy Susan Ribbed

Friends and family will be sitting around the table during a hi-tea party? Make serving convenient with mango wood lazy susan ribbed. Place the cake pieces on it, and the guests can easily rotate it to grab a portion. 

When you shop for homeware at, you get a delightful selection of items that are handcrafted with love, and they are sustainable and food-safe. 

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