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As the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus continues to spread across the world, we are required to stay put inside our homes to avoid the virus contraction. But staying inside the 4 walls for so long could be frustrating sometimes. 

To keep ourselves positive and full of energy, we have to look for ways to keep ourselves and the people around us entertained and lively. When you have nothing to do or nowhere to go, hunger knocks on your day every few hours. 

To satisfy those cravings it is required to have some snacks at disposal. But you can’t go out. So what to do? BAKE. Let the hidden baker take over the kitchen in the company of baking cook as well as serveware items by Ellementry. 

Glass Cloche for Baking Items


There are a plethora of activities that you can do at your home. Baking is one of them. It is considered one of the most satisfying works you do for yourself. It releases your stress and uplifts your mood. It is intensely gratifying. 

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The slow process of measuring, sifting, stirring; waiting for the dough to rise inside the oven as the aroma of butter, flour and chocolate rule your house’s air. Baking isn’t a science; it is more like a way of life. It feels like putting together a magic potion. 

To bake a perfect cake or bread, you need appropriate bakeware items. Half-cooked and half-baked food is not appreciated.  

You may find it hard to find an answer to what is the best bakeware? 

Ellementry has a solution and a perfect answer to it. It has some exquisitely designed bakeware and serveware. A well-decorated and oven-bake food deserves to be shown. It has some beautiful glass made cloche hat and a stand to exhibit your skill. 

Sienna terracotta baking dish  

Who doesn’t like cookies? And they become extra-delicious when they are home-baked. Sienna terracotta baking dish is the ultimate option for making cookies. It provides optimum surface distributes heat evenly all over, giving you crispy crust.

Terracotta Baking Dish


Mano ceramic round tart dish

Serve your guests your special pie or a tart with a classic touch. It is a must-have on a bakers essential list. Its unique rippled texture makes it quite an attention seeker on the table. The surface and edges give you your desired snack to relish without marring the crispy crust. 

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Fluted glass cloche with wooden stand

When a cake is as beautiful as it can be, it has to be displayed. Put it on this elegant wooden stand and cover it with a fluted glass cloche. This will further add to its beauty. 

It will look more divine and captivating with this piece of art. The fluted glass cloche is mouth-blown and makes a beautiful presentation of cheese or any of your triumphed baking experiment. 

Mango wood brown 2 tier cake stand

Give your skills a royal treatment with this elegant and classy mango wood brown 2 tier cake stand. Apart from the cake, you can put cupcakes, muffins and brownies as well. It is handcrafted from mango wood and gives a graceful backdrop. 

Upper crust ceramic loaf pan

It is a beginners’ delight. This pan is for baking bread. It will take your confidence and expertise on a whole level. The ceramic is hand thrown which makes it sturdy. Its shape and design maintain an even temperature throughout and resist moisture to abstain from the crack openings. 

Upper crust ceramic ramekin 

This adorable piece has endless uses. You can use it to bake soufflé, puddings, crème brulee, custards or other desserts. You can also use it to hold dips, sauces or individual portion of salads or side.

Ceramic Ramekin for Baking

You don’t bake a cake or a whole batch of cookies for yourselves. It is rather a communal experience. You make it for your entire family and friends. You do it with an intent to share as knowing what you’re making will make others happy is one of the best feelings. 

So such a kind act has to be done nicely and in the style of course. To have it, you must have all kind of bakeware essential at your disposal. From measuring cups to fancy servers, remember to have it all if you want to do it in the best way. 

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