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Don’t you hate to hustle off a jam-packed utensil’s drawer when you’re in the midst of cooking up something special? Crazily looking for that one utensil in the clutter while something spills or burns on the stove is equally irritating, right? It’s not possible to prepare great food when your kitchen is disorganized and chaotic? Usually, this scenario is common in houses with a small kitchen. 

Kitchen organization is something which is generally overlooked with major reasons being myths like— it needs a major overhaul or a huge amount of money to become organized. But with online platforms like Ellementry, you can rest assured. Check below the list of some budget-friendly hacks to create a tidy and clean space.

  • Toss away plastic containers and non-essential items 

An overflowing kitchen drawer has more miscellaneous/non-essential items. If you truly want an organized, aesthetic kitchen then get rid of them in the first place. Your cooking area isn’t meant for something that you don’t truly need. 

Remove all the stained containers, cracked utensils and plastic ware from your small kitchen. Stack the rest of the items by size. Use dividers for easy accessibility and visibility. If you have been using plastic storage bins or jars replace them with Ellementry’s glass jars and storage bins. 

  • Position pots and pans in deep drawers correctly

The last thing you’ll wish for is dropping your pots and pans on the floor and getting them damaged. Deep drawers are best for storing ceramic and terracotta cookware as they are spacious enough to set the pots and pans. Plus, it will be easier to retrieve large-sized items. At the same time, proper positioning of the cookware is equally important to keep things organized. Keep the least used pieces further away and the frequently used ones at eye level. Items that aren’t easy to access are less likely to be used in daily cooking. Confused? Try taking help from Ellementry.

  1. Store fresh produce in metal baskets 

Consider storing eggs, fruits, and vegetables in metal baskets. Having them right on the countertop makes them easily accessible. An artistically created basket will not only keep your small kitchen organized but also add a bold statement to the overall look. You can easily find rectangular or round metal baskets with marble base and wooden trims at For those who don’t like keeping pantry baskets can hand them on the wall using adhesive hooks. 


  1. Use mounted wooden shelves for dishware 

It’s an ideal option for the ones who embrace open shelves for dishware and silverware. Wall-mounted shelves are also ideal for storing wooden utensils, cutting boards, and other kitchen wares. These items can serve as décor elements if kept out in the open hanging on wall space. It’s the latest trend in kitchen organization which allows individuals to put their pretty dishes/kitchenware on display.

Just make sure the items are placed securely so that it’s easy to take them down when needed. Avoid stuffing the shelves with coffee mugs, plates, bowls, or other similar items. You may integrate a small planter with succulents to add a touch of greenery to your kitchen décor.


  1. Store pantry in containers and jars 

Storing pantry in clear glass, ceramic or metal jars are best to keep your small kitchen organized. In addition, these inexpensive storage boxes not only ensure food safety & health benefits. You can easily find these jars at Not only do they offer an aesthetic appeal but they also look neat and tidy. 

Moreover, unloading pasta, cereals, rice, dals, and baking goods in clear jars allow you to see what’s stored in there. Also, you don’t keep track of every pantry item as it’s practically possible to know what one is to be replaced. This formula will help you save kitchen space and you’ll be in a better position to access the pantry hassle-free.  

  1. Keep spices and condiments in a rack

A kitchen rack is one of the best kitchen space-saving options indeed. People always want spices, salt, and cooking oils next to the cooktop as they are used every so often. But you don’t have to compromise giving-up counter space to have them right next to you when cooking. They can be placed on-wall-mounted kitchen racks for easy accessibility and clutter-free countertop.  

Having all those containers of coriander powder, cumin, and cinnamon can quickly confuse and overwhelm you. To the top of that if you stack them illogically your countertop will look messy and disorganized. Ellementry has a beautiful selection of wooden racks in various sizes and shapes. You can easily find one according to your needs. Transfer the spices to jars and place them on the rack logically. Reaching out for your favourite flavourings will be no more a mess. 

  1. An innovative makeover of your refrigerator is much needed

Bread boxes and storage bins are important for a tidy fridge. Avoid leaving food on the countertop. Group food into boxes or storage bins and store them in the refrigerator. For example – you may store yogurt in one box, condiments in another and cheese in another. 

Organizing your items in this manner will give a neat and tidy look to your refrigerator. Also, it will be easy to navigate the stored items. Well-managed and organized items in the refrigerator help in saving a lot of space while giving an appealing look to a small kitchen. 


  1. Get a utensil holder for perfect kitchen organization

Use utensil holders to keep your free-up drawer space. Note that holders come in different sizes and shapes. Keep the size and length of your utensils in mind when looking for a holder(s). Try artistically crafted utensils by Ellementry to revamp your kitchen’s unused space. Ceramic utensil holders are a cost-effective solution to maximize drawer space and keep all the items organized at the same time.

Most of the kitchens have utensil drawers for stuffing the items. But it usually results in a mess and cluttered organization of the items. In order to keep the utensils managed and separated it best to use holders. 

  1. Stack coffee mugs on racks

No space for your coffee mugs on countertops or in drawers? The solution? Hang them on a rack. Alternatively, you may install a sleek rod with hooks. The saved space can be converted into a coffee station. 

Furthermore, you won’t have to hide your cooking and baking ingredients somewhere in your kitchen’s corner. They can be included in your countertop’s décor. You just need to have a set of glass jars and transfer the items of your choice into them.


Concluding Word 

When you are done organizing your modestly sized kitchen, take a few weeks or a month to check the end-results. In case you find any problems with the setting, reevaluate and make the necessary changes if needed. 

You may have to deal with various challenges when storing cookware, kitchen appliances, and other tools in your small kitchen. But instead of falling into despair simply look for practical solutions like 

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