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Exploring the exquisite horizons of pasta delicacy!  

Pasta is a dish served beyond the boundaries of countries and religions. That is why we celebrate World Pasta Day on October 25. When it comes to adding flavours to pasta, knowing its specifics is extremely important. The shape, which sauce to use, what shape it should cut into, what texture it should have, etc all are an integral part of knowing the pasta well. 

There is no fixed particular format for making pasta. It can be delicious as a side dish or can give the taste buds new flavours to relish as a main dish. It can be prepared with different vegetables or any choice of meat. When it comes to serving the pasta, hot or cold, both can work according to the preference of the one having the meal. Therefore, there is no set of right and wrong rules for pasta. However, knowing its type and what works well with what kind of pasta, definitely adds the right texture and flavour to the dish. 

For all the pasta lovers out there, here is a list of types of pasta that can give you new food goals to attain. 


Do you know that in the world there are almost 350 types of pasta? Yet, mostly on the menus, we find a handful of them written. Here is the first on our list - Spaghetti. The origin of this famous dish is not Italy. We know this is shocking! 

Ragu Alla Bolognese is a type of sauce mostly paired with spaghetti. However, Italians prefer eating spaghetti cooked in olive oil and with some garlic. These two are never paired together when in Italy. It does sound simple yet the taste remains delightful. It is also famous by the name of Spaghetti Aglio e Olio. 


Penne is another type of pasta that most restaurants have in their menus. The name is inspired by its shape - just like a fountain pen. This pasta is the easiest amongst all to cook, trouble-free, and appetizing. It is mostly served with garlic bread; which means served al dente. Penne is right to cook when it is extremely soft. It can also be served in the miniature shape famously known as “little mustache” or “mostaccioli”. It can be served with either red sauce, white sauce, or both along with various veggies and garlic. 


This pasta is known as the king of the pasta world. If you remember Mac ‘n’ Cheese was the classic dish of our childhood. Most restaurants have now collaborated macaroni with delicious dishes like Mac ‘n’ Cheese sandwich and Mac ‘n’ Cheese noodles. This is also served as a macaroni pasta salad. Therefore, it serves both purposes - side dish as well as the main dish. 


This type of pasta rules in the US. For people born with an appetite for pasta, this is the one best suited. Because of its thick outer coverage, it works wonders with heavier sauces. This pasta is related to the bigger version of pasta. However, it can be available in small portions which are commonly known as Rigatoncini. The name rigatoni in Italian means “ridged”. This is because of the shape of this pasta. It has ridges on the outer layer of the pasta. 


Having classy friends or your boss over for dinner? It is time to cook farfalle pasta. Yes, you guessed it right. This pasta is mostly cooked to leave an ever-lasting impression. This is another way to convince people who do not believe you are an amazing cook. Give them a portion of farfalle pasta to eat. They will indeed fall in love with your cooking. 

The name farfalle in Italian means butterfly and as the name states, it is shaped somewhat similar. Apart from butterfly-shaped pasta, you can also say it is a tiny bow-shaped pasta all set to eat. It is available in two sizes: Extremely large or extremely small, known as Farfalloni and Farfalline respectively. 


This is the easiest of all varieties of pasta. Some flour, eggs, and water are all you need. However, everything else you want to add to your ravioli completely depends on your taste and preference. It is usually stuffed with meat or cheese and served with pasta sauce. You can also serve it along with the broth.  


It is just like ravioli pasta, but stuffed. However, it is prepared a bit differently. Ravioli filling is done between two layers of pasta; one up and the other down. But, in tortellini, only a single layer of pasta is used. It is stuffed in the same manner as dumplings - spread a layer of pasta and put the stuffing on it. Then, roll it in a rounded shape and make a hole on the neck of the circled tortellini pasta. Tortellini means stuffed cake which suits best because of its shape. 

The Final Conclusion 

The list does not end here but mentioning all the types of pasta will make us even hungrier for them. We assume your favourite pasta made it to our list. But if not, then apologies! Happy eating from all of us at Ellementry!  Depending upon the region you belong to, stuff it with delightful veggies that go well with your

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