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Dining tables witnesses a lot of action. It is where all sit together and chatter about their daily happenings. Along with serving its purpose, it handles a lot of drama as well. Today, when most people are working from home, it has transformed into a workstation. 

As you continue to spend more and more time on it, it becomes obligatory on your part to make it look organised and clutter-free. Give it a modern minimalistic dining look. Ellementry will help you in every way possible with its antique and handcrafted serveware and decor items. 

When one says minimalistic, elegant furnishing, simple accents, calm and neutral colours come to the mind. To achieve the look, always keep one thing in mind-less stuff and more space. This theme rules on aesthetics. You cannot go for vibrant and loud choices. One has to keep it cool and subtle. 

Guide to minimalist dining space


To give your dining spaces a classic look, here are some tips to follow: 

Clear the mess

The foremost thing to do is to bring down everything that is extra on it. Follow the ‘less is more’ slogan and work. It will give you a perfect foundation to start with. Categorise what you need and what you don’t. When you put aside all the non-useable articles, it will give your more space to breathe and move freely. 

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Stay neutral

The next step is to focus all the attention on furniture. You can go for the nude colour palette. Do not forget you are trying to capture the minimalist look. The colours that you can go for are ivory, charcoals, light brown, grey, black and white. 

Keep it in-line

By line it means symmetry. It is the key to strike a balance between your furniture and other décor items around and on the table. Nothing should look odd one out. Everything should be evenly put together. The number of chairs must be 4 or 6 if you a small-sized family. There is no room for a lot of accents. Just a vase in the middle will do wonders. 


If you want to give it a little different look, then go for contrast. Mix light and dark hues. Play with bold and soft materials and shapes. But do not go all out with it. You can achieve it with the design of the chair, or the chandelier, or frames of interesting shapes and sizes on the wall. 

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Here are some options that can help you with your idea: 

Rustic silver metal wall art – large

If your dining room has an empty wall and you cannot figure out what to do with it, then here is your solution. This rustic silver metal wall art will do this job conveniently. It is stylish and calming to look at. The piece is as classy as beautiful and is enough to make your wall stand out from the rest in the room. The guests wouldn’t stop asking you from where did you get it? 

Rustic Wall Art


Ort ceramic planter

Adding a hint of green is a great choice to make the place look livelier and high spirited. One can never go wrong with plants used a piece of decoration. You can put it on the side cabinet or right in the middle with a small and pretty plant. It will keep the mood on the table relaxed and happy all the time. These planters are also a great gifting idea for friends and families. 

Fiore ceramic dinner plate

When talking about dining spaces, it is hard not to discuss tableware items. These fiore ceramic dinner plates are all about keeping low key yet stylish. The heavenly backdrop of sky blue flower makes it look more attractive. It will adorn your everyday meal and will make them even more special. has all the above mentioned products for you to buy on a whim and give a makeover to your dining space. 

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