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Several tools in the kitchen are used for daily functioning. Without them, you feel incomplete while cooking. You absolutely cannot function without them. Discomfort and irritation are the evident results. One such tool is the wooden chopping boardThey hold prominent importance in our day to day life. Do you remember how messy it gets when you have to slice juicy fruits and veggies in your hands? The juice just drains and slips all over your hand and the dress you are wearing. Chopping board truly comes as a blessing for such a situation. If you still don’t have one, Ellementry has a collection of some of the artistic looking and sustainable chopping boards for you. 

Whether one has to prepare for a vegetable stir fry or want to chop leafy green celery for a fresh salad, a chopping board comes in handy for multiple purposes in the kitchen. It provides a stable surface to slice, dice and chops the vegetable. Wondering if it is safe to use it because of hygienic concerns, then you mustn’t. A wooden chopping board is easy to clean. It is 100% safe and hygienic to cut the vegetable with ease. 

If you are having trouble selecting the most appropriate board, you must note that a chopping board comes in multiple materials. Each has its own pros and cons. For your comfort, here is some info about different style chopping boards that are available. 

    • You can always have a chopping board with a handle. One can always find the one with metallic handles on the side. These handles make it easy to hold and move from place to place. Also, these metallic handles give a modern touch to a wooden chopping board.
    • The market is full of innovation. One such innovation is introduced in chopping boards as well. You no more need to carry a knife with you, as your board comes with an attached blade. You can simply chop them without any mess and involvement of extra tools like a knife.
    • Nowadays, a chopping board comes with an additional tray as well. You can now put all the sliced vegetables in the attached basket and continue dicing on the board. It means that no extra utensils are involved in the whole process. How convenient has it got, right! 

Have a look at these chopping boards. Defining the convention and the modern approach for dicing and chopping vegetables, these boards from Ellementry will help you do the job effortlessly. 

Chop n cheese acacia wood chopping board

Wooden Chopping Board

If you like to have classic items around your house, this chop and cheese acacia chopping board would be a perfect addition. The lustrous shine of natural wood is just wow! It is a multi-purpose board, made to serve all your cutting needs in the kitchen, and it also works as a platter to serve cheese . What else could be better than this? A single product working as two tools. It is simply wonderful. 

Wooden chopping board round Large brown 

Some people like to have everything different from its conventional shape, then this product is appropriate for you. A round large-sized wooden chopping board is a piece of art. Made from mango wood, this wooden round chopping board will cut and slice everything effortlessly. A handle is also carved in for your convenience. The board is just perfect. What is not there to love? Great design, optimum size, a handle to hold, and natural wood. All of them together make it what is called an ideal chopping board for kitchens. 

Twiggy chopping board set of 2 with marble stand

Why have one when you can have two? These 2-wooden chopping boards by Ellementry are perfect for all kinds of chopping and slicing. Apart from veggies and fruits, one has to cut the pieces of bread loaf as well. If you have thrown a party at your house, multiple dishes are obviously on the menu list. Having a single board might kill your time that could be otherwise spent on some other important work. You use one and give another to someone so that two dishes can be cooked simultaneously. 

Cutting boards are an essential item in a kitchen. Do not settle for one. Have two or more than two for yourself. Boards by Ellementry are perfect décor pieces for the kitchen as well.

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