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Almost everyone has heard of the “Magic beans” story. Towards the end, didn’t you always wish to have some of them? Those aren’t real, but mankind sure has magic beans of its own. Only they are called “Coffee beans.” Its captivating aroma, soul awakening tendency and refreshing taste make it the most desirable beverage of today’s time.

Coffee isn’t just a drink anymore. It counts as a necessity. Individuals love it so much that the drink is the first thing they want to have in the morning. What makes it more special is the one mug you have dedicated to it. Get yourself one from Ellementry.

There is something incredibly soothing about the first sip of steaming hot coffee. The morning beverage keeps you energized all day long. The caffeine content present in it kicks the adrenalin rush in your body. It also contains anti-oxidants which reduces inflammation and keeps one safe from some serious diseases like Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

Some hold the view that too much coffee is bad for health. Too much of everything is bad for the body. But here are some benefits of this most desirable beverage of the world:

  • Grants you a long life

According to a recent study, coffee drinkers live longer than non-coffee drinkers. They are less likely to die from any kind of severe disease like coronary disease, stroke, diabetes or a kidney problem.

  • Body processes glucose better

Coffee lovers are less likely to get type 2 diabetes. This is because the content present in coffee breaks the glucose in a much better way than it normally does.

  • No risk of heart failure

What else do you want? Your drink will safeguard you from all kinds of heart-related problems.

Did you see that? Along with keeping you active all day long, coffee has so many health benefits. Coffee is an intricate mixture of more than several chemicals. It helps you handle those grumpy moods that you experience every once in a while in the day. If, after reading all the benefits of this magical drink, you are craving for some, then let’s get you going with it. Brew the best kind and serve it hot in these handcrafted mugs listed below by Ellementry:

Periwinkle coffee mug set of 2

It is often said that the best conversations happen over coffee. Invite a friend over for a cup of coffee and converse about your day or life. Brew the best coffee and serve it in this beautiful coffee mug set set of 2. The colour is eye-soothing and brings the fun element of fun to your table. The handmade ceramic coffee mug set of two are hand-painted by true artists. The mugs are highly durable, ideal for everyday use, and will put you in good mood right away.   coffee/tea mugs

periwinkle coffee mug set of 2

Duet coffee mug set of 2

This coffee mug set has two different designs. Cups are handcrafted while keeping in mind the concept of love. Love is all about accepting and cherishing each other’s differences, and that is what these mugs symbolize. Sip coffee with your partner as you together sit on the balcony enjoying the rain outside.

coffee mugs

duet coffee mug set of 2

Olive coffee mug set of 2

These olive mugs by Ellementry are the pure embodiment of beautiful art. The mugs are hand-painted by artists. They are the perfect gifting idea for friends or families. 

coffee mug set

olive coffee mug set of 2

Magnolia ceramic coffee mug set of 2

coffee mug set of two

The hand-painted ceramic mug gives your daily cappuccino a flowery background. It offers a vibrant vibe to the table. The design is contemporary and versatile for every day.

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