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Surely many times you get a chance to be a part of an elegant dinner, lunch or a social event. Some gatherings are insanely high-profile. You have to give thought to everything you do because how you walk, talk and eat determines your personality. On such occasions, you are expected to be on your best behaviour. This includes eating nicely. Your dining etiquette says a lot about you. How much you are aware of and how much you follow table manners is critically observed at every gathering. It is not a problem if you do not know them. You can learn them using the flatwares by ellementry.

The festive season is here. Things are getting back to normal. So, out of fondness, your loved ones are going to invite you for dinner parties. You will be going out after a long time. There might be some chances of meeting new people at the events. So, are you ready to meet new people and share a table with them? 

The way you talk and eat has the power to form an impressive impression of you. So make sure you do it well. You must know that everything on a dinner table has a dedicated place. Learn how and when to use the napkin. In short, learn the language of cutlery. 

It’s not just about the parties; you must have the right kind at your home as well because 

  • The quality of cutlery has an effect on the quality of food you serve to your guests.
  • High-quality cutlery like a knife will hold its edge much longer than the cheaper ones.
  • Good quality cutlery lasts for a long and you end up saving your money.

Here is some beautiful flatware by ellementry that will bring an element of sophistication to the dinner table: 

Aura gold cutlery set of four

Cutlery Set of 4

Your love for gold is taking a new shape here. Add gold to your kitchen with this elegant set of gold cutlery. The set includes two spoons, a butter knife and a fork. It is a perfect match for all your servings. Ellementry has specially designed it for your classy personality to add the same vibe to the dinner table. Its food-safe gold matt finish adds a festive gleam to the décor. Don’t you wish to eat the food in style like royalty every day? Well, your wish has been granted. The aura gold cutlery by ellementry will add elegance to your everyday dining setting giving you the ultimate feeling of eating like royalties at home. 

Enigma rose gold cutlery set of four 

People must have complimented you for your rose gold earrings and necklace. Well, now it’s time to collect some compliments for your rose gold cutlery. The colour is very much in trend right now. It is trending from jewellery to outfits. Why don’t you set the new trend of having the same in flatware as well? Everyone at their homes has those basic steel cutleries set. Be different, be distinguished. Let your dining setting be the talk of the town with Enigma rose gold cutlery set of four by ellementry. 

Sophiya tablespoon set of 6 

Sophiya Tablespoon Set of 6

The festive season is here. The arrival of guests on occasions is highly expected. In India, it is a tradition to serve sweets on special and prosperous occasions.  Make delicious traditional kheer at home or serve pudding. Anything sweet will add more joy to the festivity. Get your hand on these mesmerizing cutleries today to make your festival parties more stylish. Eating sweet delicacies with these spoon sets will give you more satisfaction. Eat all the delicious, mouthwatering dishes on the table with these sets of cutleries. Not only will the dishes taste more delicious, but you will also enjoy them more than usual. 

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