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If you are a bodybuilder or a gym freak chances are you have to be on a stringent diet. However, this does not have to be the situation. You can cheat on your diet once in a while, provided that you eat a clean and healthy meal and do not forget to work out later.

Now, in this time of COVID-19 quarantine, there is not much room left for ordering food from outside. So, the best thing you can do is whip up your chef’s hat and prepare some unusual dishes for your cravings.

But, you are not in the mood to try the generic everyday items. Well, that’s not going to be a problem. You see, today, we bring to you a list of healthy fusion mash-up recipes that will not only teach you the art of cooking but will be enough to satiate your taste buds, while maintaining your regular calorie count.

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  1. Milk Soda

    Milk soda is a classic fusion Indian drink made by mixing basil seeds with soda and milk. This is very easy to make and is a good choice for a cheat beverage.

    It is also very famous among gym enthusiasts. The combination is refreshing and exhilarating. It is also ideal to cool the body and thus, is ideal for the hot and humid Indian summers.

    Moreover, it is a popular beverage during the Ramadan month. This can help you stay fit, and also not contribute to you breaking the fast. You can either make it at home, or drink it with chilled ice, or you can also serve it to guests.

  2. Watermelon Mint and Lime Slushy

    Nothing beats the summer heat like a watermelon, and this is why the watermelon recipe is a must-add to your list of cheat meals. To make this one, use some seedless watermelons and mix them in a glass to form a semi-solid paste.

    Now, add ice cubes, fresh lemon juice, fresh mint leaves with a touch of sugar and rock salt. (sugar and rock salt is optional) once you do, mix these thoroughly and chill it in a freezer for some time. When you take it out, you have a rich, red low calorie slushy, which will surely satiate your sweet craving.

    What’s more? As watermelon is super healthy and full of antioxidants, it will also keep your body fit and supple, while adding the necessary anti-oxidants too!

  3. Raspberry Shikhanji

    Raspberry Shikanji is a sweet and savoury, spiced Indian lemonade that is made with jaggery, lemon, soda, juice, vitamin C, roasted cumin, raspberries and basil. It is highly refreshing and is a perfectly healthy drink to eat for the people who are conscious of their weight.

    You can drink this one a warm summer afternoon, or you can serve it at a kitty party, for your health-conscious friends. Moreover, the soda sikhanji has a lot of healing properties, as well as anti-oxidant properties that make it a big-time winner. You can cool down the body and tone down illness as this drink acts as a good detoxifying agent too.

  4. Kimchi Fried Rice

    You cannot beat the Korean Kimchi Fried rice when it comes to Asian fusion recipes. This one is quite easy to make, and it also quite healthy too. To make the Korean Kimchi rice, you need to heat a pan and over the flame, stir fry some pork until its brown and crispy.

    Once done, add kimchi, garlic and stir fry for half a minute. Next, add some peas and stir the rice once more.

    For the final garnishing, add chicken broth, sesame oil, white and black pepper and mix this thoroughly to create the utterly delicious kimchi fried rice. Now, serve this with some onions, and spring onions and poached eggs on top.

  5. Cheese and Basil Uthappam

    This cheese and basil fusion works perfectly for a classic cheat meal. This one uses a classic South Indian and Italian combination. To make this delectable meal, you need some rice, dal, methi dana, and soak it. Once it is nicely soaked, grind it and then fry it over a flame on a skillet.

    Now, in this skillet, while the dish is half cooked, add some parmesan, basil and thyme. Cook it till all the cheese melts. Next, without turning it over, serve this uthappam. You can further, use a cheese dip or a coconut chutney dip for this dish.

    It is low cal, and a tasty alternative to having, during a cheat meal.

    Well, there you have it; these 5 items conclude our blog on healthy mash-up recipes. Now, eat to your heart’s content and do not worry about putting on a few pounds. On that note, to know more about these, check out websites like Ellementry.

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