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Walls, like our clothes, can get boring after a while. Perhaps, this is the one reason why walls too need to be refreshed from time to time. Wall decoration ideas can get terrifying if you are on a budget. However, a challenge presents the best opportunity for you to get your creative juices flowing. It would help if you had a basic framework of what you want in mind before hitting search engines for ideas.


Begin with deciding what would make you most proud of your walls; even a theme can get you started. If being minimal is your guideline, look up for some pieces to park in nooks and corners. Bare walls can be made to look stylish with the help of knick-knacks in corners. Or, you can add in a fresh set of drapes, and you are good to go. So, how does one get started on this mission of transforming walls?

wall decor ideas for room


Here are a few wall decoration ideas for you:



    • The Bookworm: Books aren't only for bookworms and nerds. A book rack adds just the right kind of pizzazz to your walls. A classic wooden bookshelf brings a pop of colour and character to your bedroom walls. Even in the kitchen, a small book rack with cookbooks brings out the colour of your walls.


    • The House-Holder: For a lot of people, their house is a representation of who they are. They echo this in the way that they decorate their walls.

      Homeowners often prefer telling stories through decorations on their walls- either through paintings or photographs. Though the look is relatively simple, it is sure to arrest the guests' attention in your house. Moreover, it is always good to personalize your living space to make it that much warmer.


    • The Music Maestros: While music soothes you, it could also be used to brighten up your walls. An old guitar or a musical note artefact, or souvenirs bought from across the world that denotes a musical mind look pretty dreamy on the walls. This would also hold true for a rusted piano partially restored and used as a wall hanging. Also, the rustic gold metal wall art from Ellementry can help you make your wall decoration hit the right notes!


    • The Traveller Soul: For people who love to live a vagabond life, they could, besides souvenirs or pictures, decorate their walls with hats. A simple yet effective theme, the walls can be updated often with other props and paraphernalia.


    • The Crafty Soul: For many people working magic with their hands is the most satisfying thing in the world. There are several wall decoration ideas for such people. These could range from creating unique lanterns, creating string art, a Polaroid gallery on the wall, DIY items, covering the space with decorative vases, etc. For such creative minds, the sky's the limit.


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Decoration ideas could also depend on the kind of wall you choose to beautify. If it's the kitchen wall that needs some change, you could add in a few hooks and readymade panels to hang your pots and pans. This would help you get more storage and also cover the wall of your choice. Similarly, if the corner near your balcony needs a facelift, make a do-it-yourself honeycomb-like peg for hanging plants and creepers. These would lighten up space and even act as a mood lifter.


kitchen wall decor ideas


Another good idea would be to attach a wall grid panel or even your favourite painting or mural, and a couple of plants in a corner. Writers and novelists often use a particular wall to hang up their notes or a few inspiring framed pieces that they wish to see each day. You could create a wall hanging structure by the side of the mandatory whiteboard for this purpose. This allows your ideas to flow easily and can also be replaced each time.


The blue wooden hook from Ellementry can help with this to a great extent. Like a pegboard, you could use this multipurpose hook for a lot of things around the room.


For a more practical idea, you could also use pegboards to liven up your walls. Pegboards are the most efficient storage keepers that help you hang just about anything on them. A lot of these are mounted straight on to your wall for some space-savvy storage opportunities.

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Bulletin boards are known for their versatile use since ages. Recreate this by purchasing either a canvas or wrap a blank canvas with burlap fabric or even jute material. You could use twine for creating spaces to hang pictures, post-it notes etc. A creative way to achieve that is to use the wooden clothespin for attaching these to the canvas.


You'll find a lot of these props and wall arts at Ellementry. Metallic wall art for the kitchen has space for trinkets in the kitchen. The red ceramic wall hook from Ellementry can also be an ideal stand for your kitchen. It looks great and solves the purpose amazingly. Alternatively, you could also choose the smaller sized copper metal wall art that doubles up as a fruit basket as well, leaving ample space on your countertop for other kitchen necessities. Low on maintenance, these can be cleaned with a little bit of warm water, mild soap and soft sponge. Or simpler still, you can wipe them clean with a damp cloth.


Wall decoration, hence, does not have to be a mammoth task. With these simple ideas and the great line of home decor products available at Ellementry, you can liven up your walls in a flash!

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