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With each passing day, we keep getting more and more dominated by technology. We are slowly moving towards modernism and the value of traditional and age-old practices are slowly getting forgotten. A very important metal called Brass has one such story. Brass, which has immense health benefits, is losing its shine and gleam due to modern cooking equipment like stainless steel, non-stick, and many other alternatives available in the market.


With a decline in the use of these time-proven metals, we are not just losing on the health benefits, but also our culture, traditions and craftsmen who have been making these cooking equipment. People who have ever used brass can tell you how the modern alternatives are no match when it comes to resilience and taste that brass offers.


Here are some benefits of using brass in your kitchen



    •       As per Ayurveda, the use of metals like silver, copper, and brass promotes well-being and good health. The ancient Ayurveda science also gives importance to the health benefits of cooking in metals. Utensils and kitchen equipment made of brass offer therapeutic benefits whether you use them to serve or cook.


    •       Using non-stick pans may sure make cooking easy, but they could be detrimental to your skin. The chemicals used to create the coating can cause many skin problems like skin cancer, chronic acne, etc.


    •       Storing and cooking beverages in brass vessels help increase immunity and strength in your body. It helps in increasing haemoglobin, general skin condition, mental health, and pitta. This is why many people have started using brass tea sets at home.


    •       As per our forefathers, stainless steel should only be used to boil milk or water. But if you want your tea and coffee to taste better, then you must use brass tea sets. it offers a lingering taste in your mouth and enhances the taste at the same time, giving your tea drinking experience an antique touch.


    •       Brass helps in regulating blood flow, maintain a healthy heart weight loss, and give a lustrous skin.


    •       People who have a chronic cough, acidity, and piles can incorporate brass in their daily kitchen to help with these issues


Cleaning your brass utensils


Cleaning and caring for your brass utensils is easier than you thought. While you can use soapy water and a soft sponge to clean the utensil on a regular basis, occasionally, brass needs polishing to maintain the lustre and shine.



    •       Soak your brass product in vinegar or lemon juice.


    •       Allow being soaked for at least two hours.


    •       Use a soft brush to scrub and reach edges and insides.


    •       Rinse with water.


    •       Wash with a mild soap.


That’s it, isn’t that simple? Just remember not to use any other metal or abrasive scrubbers to clean your brass as it has a risk of putting scratches.


While it is not possible to completely eliminate non-stick cookware and steal from your kitchen, you can still find ways to incorporate brass in your kitchen. One of the simple ways is to use a brass tea set. Besides offering immense health benefits, it also lets you experience tea with an antique touch.


If you want to start using brass in your tea drinking experience, why not start with this Masai brass milk and sugar pot set gold from Ellementry? This one will surely offer a royal touch to your breakfast table. This milk and sugar pot set made of brass can be easily incorporated in your kitchen. All our products are sustainable, handcrafted and stylish. This one is also easy to care for. Simply rinse in warm water and mild soap and dry with a soft cloth.


A good tea needs a good tea set

Imagine this - you make the very same tea every day with the same amount, same temperature and brewing time and same equipment. But it is not quite as good as the last time. Less aroma, a little flat or maybe something is missing. This is something that all of us have experienced at some point.  If you are using the same teapot, same tea and infuser, why the disappointment and difference? Ever wondered? Maybe it's not the tea, it’s the equipment you use.


If you are a tea lover, you would know that all tea sets are not the same. using a brass tea set helps your tea have a lasting impact on the taste, especially if you are using an aromatic brew which offers a myriad of complex flavours. If you are looking towards getting the best out of your tea drinking experience, switch your thinking towards the kind of metal you are using to prepare tea. Using a brass tea set ensures you have the right kettle, infuser, milk, and sugar pot to deliver the perfect tea your mouth is craving for.


While using brass has immense health benefits, there is no doubt that it adds a hint of tradition and art to your home. A beautiful yet simple brass tea set can enhance the look of your dining table and at the same time be incorporated with any other tableware and serve ware you are using.


Using a brass tea set also lets you offer your guests tea with an antique touch. And mind you, this is not the old age brass utensils we talk of here. There is a huge variety of brass kitchen and dining products that are as good to look at as the benefits they offer. All you need to do is, switch your mind from modern metals and get back to your roots. Visit Ellementry today to check our brass collection.

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