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What do you do when you want that instant adrenaline rush? Or when you feel overworked? Don’t you look for a good cup of coffee? If not, then give it a try. The beverage is magic in the liquid state. It must be on the list of survival necessity. A steaming cup of coffee holds the power of changing one’s mood from gloomy to cheerful. Relish the strong taste and aroma of coffee in beautiful mugs by Ellementry. 

The main reason why most people like to have a cup of coffee over other beverages is that it has a good amount of caffeine and almost no calorie in it. It helps to boost energy and lose weight. 

You might agree with the statement that ‘Coffee is the most popular drink.’ It is consumed and loved in numerous types. From a dark Espresso to a pleasant Cappuccino, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in all forms. Interestingly, each type has its colour and aroma. 

Ceramic Mugs

Here are few facts that could make you join the ‘coffee lover’ force: 

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Keep your heart healthy

In a Korean study, it was found that people who drink 5 cups of coffee every day are less prone to heart diseases. 

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Reliefs the pain

Coffee works the best to cure the pain related to workout and any form of muscle injury. 

Reduces the risk of cancer

A minimum of 3 cups of coffee every day is said to lower the risk of cancer, especially in the liver. 

Strengthens your DNA

The intake of coffee enables your white blood cells to undergo less breakage, which eventually strengthens your DNA. 

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A healthy-long life

When a drink is curing and diminishing the possibility of extracting severe diseases, you will lead a long and healthy life. 

Say no to Alzheimer's

Coffee plays a prominent role in reducing the possibility of a person suffering from Alzheimer disease. 

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Mental stability

There is a reason why you crave coffee in a stressful situation. It is because it relaxes your mind and improves your cognitive functions. It uplifts your mood and rate of productivity. 

No diabetes

According to a study by a Harvard Researcher, consumption of Decaf coffee reduces the risk of getting diabetes. 

A drink so beneficial must be drunk from an aesthetic mug. Have a look at these beautiful mugs from Ellementry. 

Carbon Ceramic Mug Large


Picante coffee mug set of two (with lid)

Coffee is the first things that many like to have in the morning. The beginning of the day must begin with well-brewed coffee served in a beautiful set of mugs. Picante coffee mug is perfect for this purpose. Inspired by the fiery red tone of chilli, these mugs are a piece of functional art. The product is the perfect gifting idea for a coffee lover. 

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Indigo symphony coffee mug set of two

Brew a strong cappuccino and relish it in the company of your loved ones and these elegant Indigo symphony coffee mugs. They are hand-painted by the artists on an indigo glazed backdrop. These cups are also a perfect choice to gift someone at any event or celebration. The set will add freshness to their life every day. 

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Ceramic mug polka dots

How would you feel if you can take your coffee with you to the work in a beautiful eco-friendly mug? This ceramic mug with polka dots on it comes with a lid. It secures your coffee, keeps it warm and also acts as a coaster. 

Carbon ceramic mug

The beverage will taste much better when you will have it from this hand-marbled textured ceramic mug. It has a cosmic backdrop that captures all the attention. You can serve the drink to your guests in these as they will blend with your decor effortlessly. 

Masai brass coffee set gold

Ever heard of South Indian filter coffee? Brew and enjoy the same at home using this Masai brass coffee set. Give a touch of tradition and authenticity to your drink using the product. Visit South India with every sip from this Masai brass coffee set. 

Aside from all the above benefits, coffee addiction is a lot healthier than any other kind. It works on your physical and mental health and keeps your heart stay healthy. 

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