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A kitchen is the heart of any house. Subtly hidden after the drawing and dining areas, it is here that mouth-watering meals are cooked. Famously, the state of your kitchen is said to speak volumes about you as a family. The person who cooks often spends a significant fraction of their day inside the kitchen. For all these reasons, it is imperative that your kitchen not only has an effective functioning but also looks very appealing. Thus, our ideology of ‘form’ and ‘function’ comes into play, where we leave no stone unturned to provide you with the most exquisite designs of kitchenware that serve their purpose while giving your kitchen a look you desire. 

Modern Designs of Kitchenware – An Overused Look?

Anywhere and everywhere you search for kitchenware, the research ends at the ‘typical’ modern designs of shelves, plates, spoons and other kitchen accessories. They make your kitchen look neat and spacious. Yes, the modern designs of kitchenware are over-used and omnipresent. So, why not travel a little back in time and go for a look that gives you all the advantages of a modern kitchen while keeping it unique and chic? The answer lies in a ‘vintage look full of grandeur’.

Going back in time: A Vintage Look for your Kitchen 

The kitchen of a house often brings back fond memories of the older generations like your mother cooking your favourite dishes, you gulping down milk as a kid when you’d be getting late for school, learning to make tea and many more. Thus, going for a vintage look might be the best idea to take you down the memory lane whenever the curtains reveal your kitchen. At Elementary, we give you a million options to customize your kitchen in a way that does justice to the vintage look and takes you back in time. Ever so often, the word ‘vintage’ is thought of as synonymous with ‘grandeur’. A vintage look reminds us of how the kings and queens of ancient times lived and sustained, and inspires us to inhibit the aesthetics and grandeur of that time. A vintage look is also the best to go with in case you want to give substantial weight to a small-sized kitchen. 

Wood – The USP of a Vintage Look 

Wood is one of the earliest materials that came to be used by our ancestors in the process of cooking food and storing it. Although it started as the fuel for cooking, it soon made its way up the ladder to become a vital part of our culinary habits and hence, reminds us of ancient times. It has travelled through time and survived to the modern-day, to be used in the innovative designs of our kitchen. Thus, wood is one of the simplest and most effective materials to give your kitchen the perfect ‘vintage’ look. 

Ellementry’s Range of Wooden Kitchenware to give you the Grand Vintage Look


  • Minimalistic Yet Vintage – Wooden Bowls 

Wooden bowls are a simple design that is easy to maintain and light in weight. On top of that, various sizes like medium, large, and extra-large give you a plethora of purposes that can be used for. From salad bowls to nut bowls and from teak to liyah brown wooden bowls, Ellementry gives you the privilege to be picky and choose from a number of designs. 

Owing to the material – wood – these bowls are durable and feasible for homes with kids as well. When not being used, these bowls can be arranged one over the other (like a pyramid) or kept on the dining table to give a minimalistic yet grand look. The rich wood adds to the vintage appeal of this kitchenware and soothes the eyes by providing a natural look. 


  • Have A Sweet Tooth? Go for A Glass Cloche with Wooden Base

For families that love desserts, cloches are a must in the set of your kitchenware. Desserts are delicacies that take hours of time and effort to get prepared, and hence their presentation must be on-point. A glass cloche that reveals the magnificent dessert is coupled with a wooden base that beams out elegance. So, the next time you begin to cater to your family’s sweet tooth, make sure to add the last step of the recipe as arranging the dessert into the Ellementry’s wooden cloche. 


  • Wooden Trays – A welcoming Sight for Guests 

Trays are often the first piece of kitchenware that meets your guests when they arrive. It is essential to make a great first impression. A range of wooden trays that reflect the vintage look you’re going for is present at Ellementry. Sturdy, simple and elegant – just as plates are supposed to be. If a luxurious look full of grandeur is what you’re going for, then wooden trays are a must to add to your collection. 


  • ‘Chop-Chop’ said the knife! Wooden Bread Boards are In Fashion 

Breadboards may not always be visible to your guests, but they make up an essential part of the look of your kitchen. Wooden breadboards have always been used. However, their colour and texture are what we innovate with at Ellementry, to bring out the best designs along with their usability.


  • The Little Things That Matter the Most - Toothpick Holders, Teapot and Cupboards with Wooden Handles 

In today’s world, the trend is to say ‘more’ with ‘less’. To add grandeur and vintage to your kitchen, it isn’t vital to only used large wooden cutleries but rather, include wood in the simplest, most minimalistic ways possible. 

Ellementry’s very own new and innovative designs include the wooden toothpick holders that are sure to add style and elegance to your dining table. Teapots with wooden handles are also in vogue while being an intelligent design – as wood insulates from heat and enables secure handling of the teapot. Cupboard handles of wood are also a great addition to the look, as they add to the details of it. 


  • Stir It Well with The Wooden Spatulas and Spoons 

Sleek wooden spatulas are the best for stirring that hot vegetable soup or taking out fried food items. They are safe and durable and can be hung on the wall in any order to act as a beautiful décor for the kitchen. 

How Wood Brings More Than Just Grandeur to Your Kitchen 

Wood is a substance that our eyes associated with nature and thus feel soothed when they see it. From furniture to flooring, wood is heavily utilized in all parts of home décor. It has more than one reason to be a part of your home, for example:

  • Wood is eco-friendly and gets disposed-off in a biodegradable manner. It also gives a feeling of being surrounded by nature and thus is calming.
  • Its utilization in places as heavy furniture is owed to its properties of sturdiness and its strength.
  • It has an inherent natural lustre and is inert, thus very safe.
  • Germs and bacteria maintain a distance from wood. 

Visit and experience the beautiful world of kitchen accessories.

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