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Humans were living in a safe environment for a very long time. There were protocols and prevention methods in place; however, everything changed with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus led to a dramatic loss of human life worldwide.


It also led to an unprecedented challenge to public health. To safeguard the citizens, lockdowns were imposed throughout the world, leaving people overwhelmed. People were forced to stay home and were on the brink of losing their livelihood. However, it was various businesses that stayed strong and allowed people to work from home, continuing their source of income.


Now, in the year 2021, another lockdown is fast approaching and giving people anxiety already. Luckily, there is one brand by your side that has the most amazing products for you that can help you overcome the woes. Ellementry, with its stunning collection, is all ready to offer everything you need to ‘Work-Eat-Repeat’.


Lei Pan Ready to Assemble Dining Table



That time is not far away when you will need to start working from home. Creating a work-like environment at home can be a daunting task, especially when the entire family is under one roof. The distractions will always be there. But when you will have a designated work area, with the entire work-related things in one place, working with full capacity is possible. 


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Lockdown is not something to be sad about. It should be considered as a time when you can spend some quality family time, showcase or unleash your hidden talent and work like you never before. All you need to make this happen is just a few items within your reach. So, take a look at the listed below products that will take away your lockdown woes. 


Wood Peg Table

You have been asked to work from home? There is certainly nothing to worry about because you can either sit on the couch or bed and start doing your work. However, these furniture items are made to offer you a relaxed and comfortable position.



It means that you automatically start feeling at ease when using these things. But when you are working, your posture must be right and mind attentive. Only then you will be able to do the work. While working, you need a desk to keep your desktop or laptop and a chair.


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If your house is small or you don’t wish to add a big working table, you can always opt for a wood peg table. The table decor is a perfect addition to the living area and doubled as your work desk. It is hollow from the inside, allowing you to keep a laptop charger and other items inside it for easy and quick access. The dark colour will gel perfectly with the home decor


Neve Sage Solo Breakfast Set

It is common to feel hungry when you are busy making a presentation, writing crucial emails, creating spreadsheets and more. To keep your mind active and deprived of fatigue, you must indulge in a good meal or snack now and then. After all, it is a great excuse to enjoy some delicacies.


New Sage tea Cup Set


When you will neve sage solo breakfast set, you would love to use it at every opportunity. Enjoy your favourite beverages in the cup and add some healthy, wholesome treats to the bowl and plate. Keep this kitchen bowl set close by so you don’t forget to indulge in some nibbles while you get the job done. 


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Aria Trinket Box Set Of Two

Does your job involve handling a lot of paperwork? Do you have to work more on paper than on a computer? Well, then you must be requiring clips, paper pins, pens, pencils and every other kind of stationery. However, the only problem faced is that finding the needed material in urgency is simply impossible.


Luckily, you don’t have to worry about yourself anymore. Keep an aria trinket box set of two with you. It is an easy way of holding your small stationery items in one place. The two sizes help you to divide the things based on their size and store them properly. So, the next time you are looking for a paper clip, you will know exactly where to look for it. 


Before the lockdown starts, get all these products from to look at this time from a newer perspective. These functional decor items will add all their charm and glory to your living and working space.


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