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Hosting a Tea party is a great way to socialize and expand your friend circle. They are a good way to come together, laugh, and have fun and frolic. At the same time, it also gives a chance to show off the best of your kitchenware and earn praise for it. This topic will focus on the way a milk and sugar pot makes your tea party regal and classy. But before we delve into it, let's have a look at all the tea time essential to have a clear idea of each one's role.


A typical tea party set contains few essential components like-



    • A teapot


    • Teacups and saucers


    • Creamer or milk


    • Stirrers


    • A sugar pot


    • A pitcher of hot water


    • A plate of lemon slices


On a usual day, even though you would prefer to just have your tea regime with a teapot, teacups, and saucer, the inclusion of a milk pot and a sugar pot will add a tinge of elegance to the whole tea serving ritual making it the best experience of a teetotaller. Milk pot refers to those small pitchers or jugs that contain milk and is used to pour into the tea in case of milk tea, and a sugar pot refers to a pot or a bowl containing sugar or sugar cubes to be served separately in case of mixed tea drinkers 


While milk is one of the most critical elements while having a drink as it sobers down the bitter taste created by the tea leaves, sugar serves as a necessity for the majority of the people uniformly. A hint of sugar dropped by picking up a cube from a bowl and pouring out hot milk slowly while savouring the subtle spicy smell of the tea leaves is an enriching experience, one which many find delightful. In countries like India, Milk tea, or a masala Chai is quite popular on-demand. The sweet, creamy concoction made of thick milk is everyone's 'Go to' drink. 


Why are a milk pot and a sugar pot so essential in a tea set?


Even though it doesn’t come as a set term but not all use milk and sugar pot while serving tea. But experts say that it’s an essential tea-time etiquette and should be followed irrespectively. This section focuses on how a milk pot and a sugar bowl adds to the whole galore of the tea-set 



    • It's of great convenience to have separate tea, and sugar pots as people can add it according to their taste instead of the host trying to figure out how much is enough. 


    • They act as great accessories along with the tea set.


    • It’s a win-win for both sides- one who wants milk and sugar and the one who doesn’t wish to as well. 


    • Milk pots are perfect for storing milk in portion-controlled environments such as restaurants and cafes while sugar bowls can conveniently store sugar without it melting.


    • Milk pots allow freedom to the tea maker to make a tea strong or weak accordingly while sugar bowls allow the drinker to decide the sweetness.


How to choose the right kind of milk pot and sugar bowl



    • A milk pot should be made out of steel to keep the milk fresh over a period while a sugar bowl should have a lid to cover the sugar crystals or cube whenever it’s not in use. 


    • A good milk pot comes with a conical shape to allow easy pouring while the right sugar bowl should have a spoon to scoop up sugar rather than using a sperate spoon. Using the same spoon ensures the safety of the sugar cubes, which otherwise might spoon if a wet spoon is dipped into the sugar. 


    • A good milk jug is designed in a way that it can retain the heat and keep the milk warm and fresh while a good sugar pot should have a round structure that can hold at least ten sugar cubes together.


    • The right milk pot allows proper absorption of air, avoiding the formation of air bubbles while the lid in the sugar bowl restricts humidity to seep in melting the sugar.


    • An ideal milk pot should be broadened out in the middle for the surface area of the milk to increase for effective optimum cooling while a good sugar bowl doesn’t allow the sugar residue to stick on its inside surface and get hard resulting in marks inside.


    • A good milk pot never retains the remnants or stains of the milk and uniformly cleans out with soap and water.


    • Milk jugs or milk pots should always have measuring marks inside for proper measurement.




Types of milk and sugar pots:


There are many different types of milk pots available that are used extensively, depending on the convenience.



    • Steel milk jugs: jugs are made of high- quality steel and are very much preferred as they maintain a consistent temperature for the milk.


    • Teflon coated jugs: It acts as an accessory to the tea set as well as convenient to pour as it can be held easily as compared to steel jugs


    • Milk jugs with handles: Milk jugs come with a handle to hold and are usually found in the ceramic milk jugs. They also have a stout that allows smooth pour of milk


    • Espresso brew Pitcher: These pitchers have a broad neck that allows easy frothing of the milk that will enable it to be added to create lattes with different designs. Such espresso brew pitchers are styled in a way that it provides various styles to be formed on the latte.


The shapes of sugar bowls remain in a standard form of bowl or a small pitcher like structure that can hold sugar crystals or cubes. It usually comes with a lid to avoid the humidity from seeping in and consists of two handles on either side. It is available in different kinds of materials that can easily get rid of sugar residue with one wash of water and soap. Sugar bowls are usually made of porcelain, stainless steel, and metal and add a touch of elegance to any tea set.


Just like how in a piece of the puzzle, all pieces are required to complete it, even in tea sets, a complete tea set adds another level of excitement to the tea drinkers. Eyes are our first forms of the reception following the nose. Adding a milk pot and a sugar bowl to a tea party will not only appease everyone, but your convenient serving will appeal to all adding convenience and elegance at the same time. 


If you are looking out to buy milk and sugar pots, I am sure there are plenty of choices spoiling you. But if you wonder if you can get the best and the rarest with exciting deals, then Ellementry is your answer. On Ellementry different vibrant sugar bowls and milk, pots are sold that will be a perfect addition to your tableware collection. The inclusion of 'Masai Brass milk and sugar pot inset gold is a hot seller with a royal finish to the whole product. Now be ready to add a royal quotient to your tea party, leaving people wanting for more.

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