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When you enter someone’s beautifully decorated house what impression it leaves on you? Definitely you feel fresh and happy. The decor of the house tells you a lot about the people living in that house, their mood, likes, dislikes, etc. Every house has a focal point, a place that catches the attention of the people as soon as they enter that house and if a table is kept their decorated in a beautifully elegant way it enhances the overall beauty of the entire room. 

The way you set your table is very important as it influences four things :

  • It indicates the tone/feeling that people have about being together.
  • It lets people know that you think they are important enough for you to put in extra effort for them.
  • It influences the appearance of the food served.
  • It tells you about the space it is kept in and its usage.

Let Us Tell You How Table Decor Can Intensify The Decor Of A Particular Room

Living Room

Let’s begin with the Living room. A living room is the prime place of interaction for everyone entering the house. Suppose you enter an excellently decorated living room of your friend and suddenly you notice a dull boring table lying in that room. What will you think? A centre table or a coffee table in the living room is the focal point as you will be entertaining your guests around it. A trendy smart table will tell your guests how important they are for you and how much effort you have taken to decorate your table and house to make them feel fresh and good. 

A beautifully laid centre table or a coffee table not only light up the mood of the people living in that home but even of guests visiting that place. An eye-catchy table can accentuate the beauty of an otherwise simply kept room. To decorate your table you don't always need costly items, you can always use creative ideas and enhance your table decor at minimum cost and time. You can always visit Ellementry for chic ideas of table decor. At Ellementry you will get trendy items at minimal price to enhance the beauty of your centre table. To decorate your centre table or coffee table you can use items like Wax bowl / Jars, lanterns, flowers, boxes with some colourful objects or you can simply keep a prominent centrepiece that leaves no space for further decoration.                  

Dining Room

For any event people sit around a table to have a delicious meal and who doesn’t like to have a meal on a beautifully laid dining table? A dining table makes for the most important part of your dining area and so it has to be meticulously presented at all times. A perfectly decorated dining table not only tells your guests how welcoming you are but they also get an impression about how organized you are. A smartly decorated dining table makes even the so-called simple meal interesting and presentable. In addition to that perfect dining set, you can use various items to add beauty to your dining table like metal or glass candle stands, pretty tea-light holders, fresh and colorful flowers arranged in a unique way in an eye-catchy vase.You can find all these things easily at Elementary at affordable prices. Do have a look to find the perfect artifacts for your table decor.                       

Study/Reading room

Either you are a student or a working professional. Everyone needs some separate space where they can work freely and comfortably. This is the space that reflects the individual's character. This space that you opt defines your individuality. That space allows you to feel disconnected for a little moment and give you time for yourself. What is the first thing you need in your study or workspace? We would say a spacious elegant table with all the things needed to make your study a perfectly cozy place that can be used to spend time reading a book or doing your office work. Imagine a study with a boring old table lying in a corner. Will it attract you to sit in that room to spend some “Me time”? NO. A table makes the most important part of a study room furniture and hence it has to be perfectly decorated. A study table decor must contain a sober smart lamp with other items like the pen holder, books, table clocks, etc. You can also add personal items to this table decor like prizes won by you or your kids or other things with sentimental value that enhances your table decor. An apt table will not only add to your study room’s beauty but will also make it a perfect place you would look forward to spending your time in.


A bedroom is the only place in the entire house where a person retires after a long tiring day. The decor of this room must be done in a way that when one enters here he/she should be rejuvenated and happy. Among the rest of the decor of bedroom comes a table or side table that can accommodate your morning bed tea or breakfast tray or your books that you love to read before retiring to bed. Just imagine apart from this stuff if that table has a beautiful vase with fragrant bright color flowers, some beautiful tea lights or wax jars that leave your room with a fruity refreshing smell. Further, an antique photo frame of you and your partner giving that perfect sentimental and personal touch, will that table not automatically become the center of attraction in that room and add to the overall beauty of your bedroom? Definitely yes!! A table/side table in a bedroom is as important as other furniture in that room. A perfectly decorated table in bedroom enhances the overall room decor and that’s why it has to be done meticulously keeping in mind its usefulness and taste of people living in that room. You can find many things to decorate your bedroom table perfectly and hassle-free at Ellementry at minimal prices.                         

A table forms a very important part of the furniture. If kept at an appropriate place and decorated stunningly, it will add up to your entire room’s decor. Table decor enhances the beauty to an otherwise simple room. So always keep your tables perfectly decorated as per space and occasion not only to impress your guests but also to make you and your family feel good about your house. At Ellementry you can make sure to find the perfect material as per your taste for all kinds of tables. We have various items ranging from table lamps, pendant lamps to tea lights, centerpieces,  wax-filled bowls/jars and many more at an affordable price. Make sure to visit Ellementry before starting your home decor.

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